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Five years ago, Nightmare Moon returned to Equestria and took it by storm. She imprisoned her sister in the moon, and Equestria fell into an Age of Darkness. She ruled with an iron hoof; her word became law. The Mare in the Moon became a grim reminder of what happened to those who opposed the new tyrant, and nopony dared oppose.

Except for one aspiring unicorn.

Twilight Sparkle, a mare shackled by the failures of her past, prowls the ruins of the old capital Canterlot, praying for a spell that can right what has been so horribly wronged. Buried beneath the rubble of the Royal Library, she finds a tome that might be the answer to her prayers.

A "Warrior of Sunlight"; surely he will be able to overthrow the wicked tyrant and restore Celestia to her rightful throne. Twilight can almost see the sun returning over the horizon. She just didn't expect this warrior to be so... jolly.

Set in Starlight's "alternate future" where Nightmare Moon reigns.

Audio reading by Skijarama

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I still can't believe it all started with a family camping trip gone wrong. One moment I was enjoying my time with my parents and brothers, then next thing I knew I was stranded on a world full of magic and mythological creatures. In one day, I went from worrying about the upcoming calculus test to worrying about my next meal. I remember how the only thing keeping me going was the hope that I might find a way home. Little did I know that some deities had other plans in store for me.

I remember all the promises I made, both those kept and betrayed. I remember the friends I made on my little adventure; the same friends I threw away when everything came crashing down. Oh, the memories I made... Oh, the memories I am now forever cursed to remember.

I suppose this is a just punishment. My only regret is that my friends may never hear my side of the story.

Set between Seasons 2 and 3 // Some deviations from canon post-season 2 due to when this was originally started.

Pre-read, Cover art, and Audio Reading provided by: Skijarama

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After the humiliating defeat at Canterlot, Queen Chrysalis is thirsty for revenge. What better way to satisfy herself than with another one? But before she can even hope to take over Equestria, she's going to need someone to scout the area beforehoof. She sends out a small group of faithful changelings, which includes the accident-prone Scout Number One-Five-Nine, to check out the nearby settlement of Appleloosa. What could possibly go wrong?

A sequel to A Change in Luck.

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The Box Ghost has escaped the ghost jail and is ready to unleash his boxed up fury on Amity Park. But, due to some navigational problems, he finds himself in the strange town of Ponyville. To him, there is no difference as long as he can still make the residents tremble in fear. In the middle of all this chaos, it is up to our favorite cross-eyed mailmare to package this ghost and ship him to his doom!

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Scout Number One-Five-Nine has always dreamed of participating in an invasion. However, being a Scout class changeling, the odds of him doing so are not exactly in his favor. Being the most accident prone in the hive doesn't help him either. Now, with the most important invasion in changeling history, he finally gets the chance to live out his dream. Prepare yourself, Equestria! Scout Number One-Five-Nine is on his way!

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