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Writer of Fallout Equestria stuff, and occassionally other stuff. Just a friendly Zony, who loves a good story.

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New Art and Chapter on the way · 1:12am June 26th

Hey guys, new art came in from an amazing artist! Here is her Twitter. Check her out!


Also, a new chapter is in the works. I know it takes me forever, but as a little teaser. Just know that Shadow will be in for the fight of his life, and at the end of the fight, the life of someone will hang in the balance.

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I hope you enjoyed the story! :pinkiehappy:

Hey there!
Thanks for checking out my story.
I hope you enjoy it :twilightsmile:

hopefully what I've written will provide you with some inspiration.

No problem. I always look forward to new FoE stories. I just wish I could write a better one

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