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Oral Culture vs Print Culture and the divide between poverty, systems, and Leftist theory · 10:46pm July 21st

One of the things I frequently harp on my friends who identify themselves as Leftists is the large divide between needing to read 87 books to understand a ten-page Leftist joke, and the fact that there’s often a struggle within academia and in leftist politics to condense information down to people that, quite frankly, don’t have time to read said 87 books. My friend RoMS was asking what I meant by that, as one of the topics I frequently point toward is the difference between the oral culture

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Speaking as a head hunter, would you agree with the position set here by Dennis?

Thanks for the watch! I really appreciate it. :yay:

thanks for the follow your work is always a pure delight.

Tea or coffee?

Okay, now I regret not reading your work before today.

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