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Sorry for updating one chapter then falling off the face of the earth. I didn't die, though my body did attempt to auto-toaster bath me at one point! · 12:54am January 16th

Crash lands into fimfic.

Yo, what up?

I am not dead. But holy crap I did not want 2023 to be equal parts The Sunset Tree and Transcendental Youth albums by the Mountain Goats. But they were, life was A LOTTM, but I made it through.

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Comment posted by Rust231 deleted Dec 19th, 2023

Um... I'm sure you're sick of getting asked this question, but how is the next chapter coming along? I read about the health problems and I completely understand if you've got more important things too focus on. I was just hoping for an update if that's possible. Best wishes.

Ah. Yeah. I getcha. Sorry to hear. I hope things get better soon!

I am! I dealt with a major health issue throughout 2021, and then moved a new roommate in at the beginning of the year. I am normally not this slow, but the past three years have been uh... a lot. ;-; I actually do have about 1/3 of a chapter written. Just finding time has been a heck.

Hey, are you still working on stuff? Noticed you haven't been posting for about a year.

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