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Rumours of my demise have been greatly exaggerated, if there even were rumours to begin with XD · 4:20pm Sep 10th, 2020

Hey all! I am alive! I am healthy (or as healthy as you can be when your state is on fire and the air looks like something out of Bladerunner), and I am very, very, very slowly finding the time/headspace to write Speak.

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Oral Culture vs Print Culture and the divide between poverty, systems, and Leftist theory · 10:46pm Jul 21st, 2020

One of the things I frequently harp on my friends who identify themselves as Leftists is the large divide between needing to read 87 books to understand a ten-page Leftist joke, and the fact that there’s often a struggle within academia and in leftist politics to condense information down to people that, quite frankly, don’t have time to read said 87 books. My friend RoMS was asking what I meant by that, as one of the topics I frequently point toward is the difference between the oral culture

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Anger · 12:21pm Jun 15th, 2020

I was gonna start this off with a quote from someone older and wiser than I about anger, but I quickly realised that I didn’t want someone else talking over my own voice. I feel that it happens often enough in my life offline that I’d rather not repeat the experience in my own blog.

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Speak Chapter 21 · 9:12am May 18th, 2020

Coming on Thursday, the 21st of May!


So You May Be Losing It A Little Bit and That's Okay · 8:50pm Apr 28th, 2020

So I'm not dead! I just sort of sank into a weird space of vacation in the midst of a pandemic and a few bad habits that were largely my own desperate attempts to support everyone around me. This has largely not worked out for me, but it's given me the time, space, and energy to make neat flow charts on how to badly handle a pandemic as a healer. For those curious, mine went something like this:

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Speak Updates · 3:51pm Mar 16th, 2020

So Speak is not dead, work has just eaten my life! While I do have a job that is often on call, I have a hard time finding the mental RAM to be able to write when a part of me is stressing about whether or not the phone is going to ring with someone having the worst day of their life so far. While things have calmed down considerably with CoVid-19 going around, it's slowed down the number of calls I get, but the stress remains.

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3am · 12:02pm Feb 19th, 2020

Three AM and I have been seeing each other lately. It's a strange, torrid affair that always makes me feel far more alone at the end of the day. It's a weird time where the only sound I hear is the soft whispers of my computer's fans trying to keep my ancient desktop from overheating, the high-pitched electronic buzz that comes from my monitor, and the soft click-clacking of my keyboard keys. I've found that 3am Pacific Standard Time also seems to fall precisely when my friends from around the

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Speak Dramatis Personae · 1:19am Dec 13th, 2019

So due to the fact that Speak has gotten rather... long, I figured now would be a good time to post a Dramatis Personae. I will be updating it periodically as more information is revealed about characters, new characters are added, etc.

Main characters of Speak

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Speak Chapter 20 with the editors · 1:12pm Nov 20th, 2019

Sorry this took so long everyone! I've had a busy few months the past three months, and between travelling, life changes involving Bubblegum moving out, and hosting Novel Idea for a week kinda set me back with where I wanted to be with writing. But, hopefully it's worth it! Chapter 20 so far has over 13.5k words, and usually revisions add more to it. It spans almost 40 pages on my gdoc, and I hope that we're able to get it edited and out ASAP!


A Small Treatise on the Cult of Silence · 1:52am Nov 1st, 2019

There's about three or four distinct things that made me need to write this blog. One was a rough crisis call last weekend. One was a conversation that came up during supervision with my boss at work. And one was Aquaman's Zealots of Canterlot. At first I wasn't sure on the title of that particular emotional brick to the face, but after finishing it... god if it isn't the truth. And because I can't not use these blogs to

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