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When I moved to Ponyville, I was lost. Then I met her, and I began to realise that there was more to my cutie mark than I could have possibly imagined.

Edited by:
Gara The Author, Nova Quill, RoMS
Thank you three for being my intrepid pre-readers and editors!

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Fluttershy often listens to the secrets of friends and others around her. Most days, she doesn't mind at all. But secrets carry their own hidden weight.

Thank you to Tsitra, Yossarian, Delta, and Rose Quill for prereading!

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Sunset walks in on Pinkie Pie studying a star chart of her own making on Hearts and Hooves Valentine's Day. The discussion that follows wasn't quite what Sunset expected.

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Candlelight Sonata was not sure what to expect when she was asked by the Stable Heartmender to assist a pony who recently was rescued from slavers. What she found, to her surprise, was something that helped her with her own fears, and somepony that helps see the colours in the world.

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A filly Heartmender. A unicorn ghoul. A zebra doctor. An ex-ganger. A pre-war Alicorn. And a crazed robot with an issue with cots. This group of travelers meets up through the strangest of circumstances, and soon learns to rely on each other for survival in the wastes around Baltimare. Heartshine didn't know what she was getting herself into, but sometimes the best thing to do is shrug, and continue on.

Author’s notes:  This story is going to end up following the (mis)adventures of the PnP group that I’m part of.  Super special thanks to Kkat for writing Fallout Equestria and providing this super awesome universe for us to play in!  Also, special thanks to the boys of Group Shrug who said it was alright if I expanded the story of our misadventures, our GM Keanno for putting up with our BS, and Hidden Fortune, Tricky Spirit, and Wirepony for offering suggestions and editing advice!  They get all the cookies.  Or just go read Hidden Fortune’s story, Treasure Hunting.  She’d probably like that more than cookies.

Normal disclaimers: I don’t own Fallout, which sad cause Fallout 4 would be out by now if I did, nor do I own FoE.  

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