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An unapologetic gryphophile, though I pretend to write about other stuff too.- Ko-Fi/Patreon

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Hey, I'm willing to do commissions if any of y'all are interested. To request one, all you got to do is PM me with details.

Prices: $15 for 1000 words for writing, $5 for 1000 words of editing

NSFW is fine, though I will refuse to write content I find objectionable.

1: Rough Draft (0 of 1000 Words)
2: Rough Draft (0 of 2000 Words)
Current Wait List: 2

I also have a Ko-Fi


Patreon Drive · 2:01am Dec 28th, 2019

Hey, I try my best not to be very offensive in my advertisement of my Patreon, but as it stands, I kind of want to make a drive to boost its exposure and hopefully earn a couple more dollars a month. So, I guess I'm making one of those posts where, I come before you like a busker, with a guitar in one hand and my straw hat in the other.

What at the benefits of my Patreon?

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i mean, duh? All the cool kids are doing it.

So... you are assuming that a young teenager can get their hands on something illegal... hmm... something seems wrong here...

Well uh... thanks?

BTW, have you tried weed? It might help you chill a little?

I'm warning you not to fall into the trap of false beliefs have a nice day!

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