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The Use of 24/7 D/s Lifestyles of Self-Betterment (Let's Talk About Sex #3)(NSFW) · 9:29pm May 18th

Hey everyone, here I am again to talk about sexual education and the weirdness that is my relationship with my BF as his consensual slave.

For today, we’ll be discussing how D/s relationships can be used for self-betterment and my own experiences with attempting this.

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We did a panel together :p

Felt like the right thing to do.

Thanks for the follow, Gara! Can I ask how I earned it?


And let's face it, that's pretty realistic.

That was my goal, as another bi-poly person. I wanted to show a realistic poly get together scenario.

Hey, just finished reading "A Simple Question" and as a bi-poly person myself, it feels great that someone can show that poly relationships are all about trust and friendship above all else. :)

  • Viewing 30 - 34 of 34
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