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Sunset walks in on Pinkie Pie studying a star chart of her own making on Hearts and Hooves Valentine's Day. The discussion that follows wasn't quite what Sunset expected.

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What is this warm fuzziness?

All kidding aside, this is adorable! Thanks for sharing!

This is so adorbale!:raritystarry:

:D Thank you both!

Well, I simultaneously lol-ed and aww-ed...

And on that note, glomps the smolpega

That was pretty nice, wouldn't mind seeing more tidbits of work like this from you.

But I'm gonna be the obligatory person to point out grammar errors, so here you go.

Sunset smiled to herself as she weaved around Lyra shyly intertwining her fingers Bonbon.

Intertwining her fingers with Bonbon?

Pinkie held up a finger as a bit of pink tongue stuck out from the corner of her mouth as she leaned in to, upon closer examination, appeared to be a star chart from astronomy class.

as she leaned in to what, upon closer examination, appeared to be...?

I... Huh... Okay, i guess ? Good job Pinkie ?
This story was great, but confusing. Like Pinkie.

I always appreciate those folks! Thank you, Illu!

Love is confusing.

Sunset smiled to herself as she weaved around Lyra shyly intertwining her fingers with Bonbon.

It took me a minute to grasp the meaning of this sentence. The way it's phrased makes it sound as if Sunset is trying to steal Lyra's girlfriend. Or at least her fingers.

That aside, this was some cute, silly pony fluff. Ten neighs out of a possible ten and a half.

Sometimes there's a splotch of custard on that chart. And fish fingers.

A textbook example of Pinkie logic. Well presented, well written drabble. Thank you for it.

Very nicely written dynamic story with Pinkie being spot on. And when I thought that I cannot be surprised anymore, the ending appeared.

Grammar and spelling-wise, it was a rather solid story, the only recurring issue I noticed were some unnecessarily capitalized dialogue tags. But that’s something only a trained eye will notice as odd. Thank you for this read! :pinkiehappy:

Aaahh! Thank you!

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