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Everyone has embarrassing stories, things they'd happily take to the grave with them.

Not if Rainbow Dash has anything to say about it.

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I actually found this rather endearing and charming. It reminds me of all the times that my friends and I would gather around the lunch-table and do very much the same thing. Good times...

Excellent story. :)

This is awesome!

Loved this!
And Rainbow can be such a b:applejackconfused:tch at times.:facehoof:
Also, I really feel for Rares:raritydespair:

You got to make a sequeal to this, I want to hear Twilight, and apple Jack, Fluttershy's embrassing stories!
Maybe throw in Celestia and Luna.

Speaking or Rwby have you see the season 4 Trailer?

7379236 Being an awkward, misanthropic, socially retarded teen, I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to convey an even vaguely typical portrayal of high school life. I'm glad I succeeded in some form.

Thanks for reading!

7379245 Thanks, and you're awesome for reading!

7379305 I would love to hear more stories of the Humane Six´s misfortune

7379270 Thanks!
I have a tendency to make Rainbow a horrible scumbag in my stories. This time, I made a conscious choice to not do that... and I did it anyway. Oh well.

I think Rarity's is probably the most embarrassing.

7379291 Hm... Can't promise anything, but a sequel isn't the most outlandish thing I've ever done.

I make no promises, but keep an eye out. Maybe I will...

Oh, and I did see that trailer. I can't contain my excitement! Ruby looks so frigging cool...

This isn't the place for this conversation, is it? :twilightoops:

I hope comes a sequel of this!!!!!

Thanks for all these laughs. And I think I'm gona have to pick up RWB sometime. That was a pretty awesome fight. Idk much but I'm sure those monsters are pretty strong and the general just stopped its hand like nothing. Good job on this little story.


RWBY looks like a pretty good series, I might plan on watching that soon after I'm done with Kamen Rider 555.

This... This was just a riot.:rainbowlaugh: Good work, Chillbook! So going in my faves.

7379522 Read the comment immediately below yours

7379769 Thanks for reading, Harmony! Didn't expect to see you over here!

7379826 Thanks for reading, and I have only this to say:

Watch RWBY immediately. Holy crap, it's amazing! Binge the first three Volumes before October 22, when Vol. 4 comes out.

7380001 Glad I managed to make ya laugh.

7380082 You won't regret watching it. It may well be my favorite animated series of all time (after ponies, of course).

7380257 I appreciate your reading, fam. It means a lot to me!

7380297 I don't expect anyone to read anything I wrote, honestly. And, just before I called it quits last night, I was looking at your page. I ended up saying something to the effect of "I wonder if Harmony would like this.... Naw, I'm crazy". But here you are!


Aw, don't be silly. This is awesome. You're awesome!:raritywink:

7380325 Thanks, love. I really, really needed that.


No problem. ...Are you alright?:heart:

7380381 Eh... Stressed, tired, and hating life, but that happens sometimes.

I'll be okay soon, I just need to eat something tasty and watch something funny. I'll perk right up.


Oh, if you say so. *hugs* Thay shouldn't happen, though. You probably don't want to, but I'm always here to talk:derpytongue2:


Why isn't this in the feature box yet?

Honestly, I feel like it's on the cusp.

7380478 It's not gonna get featured now because you've read it, and the algorithm can smell your pancake blasphemy.

My favorite animated series probably has to be Avatar the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra.

My favorite anime is Fullmetal Alchemist, the 2003 series. I might start watching Brotherhood again soon.

7379303 You shouldn't be so hard on yourself. We all have faults, but I feel like you unjustly criticize your own abilities. I think you're an amazing writer and, far from me to say, but far from being misanthropic, your work seems to convey the ideals of an idealist. Success can only be measured by yourself, friend. Don't let others get you down or discourage you. I think you have a great amount of potential with your writing and that you should continue to exercise and practice. One day you'll find that level of expression you want to attain, but until then, believe in yourself - this humble writer does.

This one is gold, and I also like RWBY.

I was most like you describe Sunset. Ironwood bores me, plus I really thought he was a bad guy. That scene sure was badass, but the moment that set me off was when he appear back after the crash and I was "Holy sh:yay:t, his body half mechanized!!!". I did find it obvious the moment he block the Grimm's blow with his arm it must have been a cybernetic arm, but this.

Ironwood's scene was one of the best in RWBY, props to Sunset and you for both your reactions.

Not gonna lie, I did lose it a little when Ironwood pulled that scene off. It was incredibly exciting, as well as other scenes that involved him in those last few episodes- which I will not spoil for the sake of others in these comments who haven't caught up yet. Fair warning though- feels will absolutely be had throughout.

Rarity's moment: Well, shit :rainbowderp:
Pinkie's moment: Damn, that sucks :ajsleepy:
Rainbow's moment: Aww, that's so cute :twilightsmile:
Sunset's moment: May Luna guide my sides back into the solar system as I will myself to breath again :rainbowlaugh:

Oh. My. God. I can't believe you combined RWBY with MLPEG. I love you soooo much. SUNSET LOVES RWBY!!!! (Plz tell me she likes Weiss Schnee best) :D

7588357 I know, right? It's gotta suck peeing the bed while sharing it.

“Hey, anyone who saw those chesticles had a thing for Rarity,” grumbled Rainbow. “Plus, I’m already a perv. Rarity showing off her chest-beefers? I never stood a chance.”

I KNEW IT!!!! :ajbemused::rainbowlaugh:

“Oh? Do you remember when you stood outside my window at night with a boombox?” asked Rarity, stifling a giggle. “And you started singing along?” Rainbow’s face bloomed red. “Oh, you had just the sweetest little singing voice. I had to let you down easy.” Rainbow’s face burned like the sun, and she desperately wished for someone to take the attention off of her.

wow, that raridash moment there :rainbowderp:

“Texting AJ the story you just told us.” said Rainbow. Sunset’s face contorted in anger. “Hey, you said we can’t speak about it. Never said anything about text.”
“You know what I meant!” snapped Sunset. She turned to complain to Rarity, who also had her phone out. “Rarity!”
“Sorry, darling,” said Rarity, typing like lightning. “I just had to tell Ms. Pommel about this! She’s sure to find this hilarious!”
Sunset groaned, then turned to see Pinkie also typing, no doubt texting it to Cheese Sandwich. Sunset hung her head, feeling a strange mix of amusement and dread.

Poor sunset, she got trolled :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

“I peed the bed, okay?!” exclaimed Pinkie

Wow, I was hoping for something like this to be one of the stories

7464214 Not at all. I'd never wish that on anyone in real life, although personally I love any fictional instance of it. And in the end Pinkie laughed at it along with Sunset, so you don't have to feel too bad for her, but it's all right if you do.

Sunset's was the funniest IMO

So you neighed at the awesome scene you had Sunset mention?

Woaah. I didn’t know mah boi Sunset is watching RWBY! :D Can’t wait for Volume 7 ^w^

Sequel n for the others.

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