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Contest Closed! · 5:17am October 17th

Five entries, so that'll learn me.

Judging begins now! Since there's only a few, I'll be reviewing them thoroughly for the participants before the unveiling. If you don't want my notes, let me know, and I'll happily thank you for your submission.

Look for more soon!

Report EbonQuill · 88 views · #sirens #contest
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I did, thanks! Hope you did, too!

Good to see you at Everfree Northwest this year. Hope you had a great time. :twilightsmile:

2432496 Oh okay thanks, what inspired the follow?

I unfollowed you? I'm so sorry! I was on mobile, and might have double-tapped or something. It was by no means intentional!

I see you followed me and then unfollowed me did my works not meet expectation?

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