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Ever want to write a story about a certain character, but you notice there's no character tag for said character, so you just stick him/her under the "Other" tag? Then this group is for you! This goes out to all of the characters who probably would benefit from a Character Tag, but for one reason or another don't have one to call their own. At least, not yet.

Important: This group is not meant to pester admins into giving character tags to everyone. They have the final say as to who gets a tag and who doesn't. The Other tag exists for a reason, people!

The rules:

1. You see that disclaimer at the top? I'm not joking about that. If I find out that you are using this group to bug the admins about character tags, you will be banned.

2. Each character will have their own folder. Please send stories to the proper folder.

3. If for whatever reason a character does get a tag, their folder be moved into the "Those That Made It" folder.

4. If you don't see a character here that you think deserves a tag, you are free to petition for said character to have a folder in the forum. But you'd better have a good reason for it.

5. All other site rules apply.

Questions? Shoot me a PM or use the forum.

Now, let's let the unsung heroes be heard.

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Please add G1 Megan Williams...
and perhaps add addition category folders for G1 G4 and G5 characters?

Comment posted by Golden Fang Ryu Shenron deleted Jul 17th, 2022

Apparently Daybreaker has a tag now.
Took them long enough.

I joined this group because there is a character that I would to see have a character tag on FIMFiction. that character is my 7th favorite character: Princess Ember

I was wondering how you came across my story? A Glimmer of Truth is the name of it.

411459 In the morning, assuming the admins don't add him first. :raritywink:

381950 Can you add Quibble Pants? :pinkiesmile:

380934 Sorry I didn't see this before. :twilightsheepish:

By "good reason," I mean that there is something in canon or fanon that would justify this character's tag. For example, Button Mash has a folder because his a popular background pony, and Silver Shill has a folder because he had an important role to play in an important episode.

As for Davenport, well, I don't know if he fits either of those categories. If you could prove otherwise, I'll gladly add a folder for him. :eeyup:

I think Mr. Davenport - the proprietor of the Quills and Sofas store from Magical Mystery Cure - deserves a folder. I'm not sure what's meant in the header by a 'good reason' but I know there's at least a personal group for him.

352057 I wasn't saying we /should/, just suggesting it as a possibility. :twistnerd:

352056 I'm, not sure we need to promote those other groups in the folders. We could do it in the forum or the group's description if you want. :applejackunsure:

352035 No, I meant advertise those groups from here - the most obvious way in my mind is to link them from the appropriate folder. Sorry I wasn't clear enough. :fluttershyouch:

352032 I'm, not sure I understand the question. Are you talking about advertising this group in groups made for the specific characters? :rainbowhuh:

Coco Pommel's got her own group with quite a few stories that aren't (currently) here; I'd be surprised if she was the only one. Do we want to advertise these cases at all? (I don't see why we wouldn't, really, so long as the groups are reasonably established already.)

343521 Coco Pommel and Suri Polomare folders have now been added. :scootangel:

Seriously? Power Ponies tag, Mane-iac tag, but no Humdrum tag? :facehoof:

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