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Random Thoughts: School Daze · 1:43am March 25th

Warning: Spoilers abound. Proceed with caution.

Well, I planned to write this post tomorrow, but the movie my brother and I planned on seeing was sold out (note to him: must remember to buy tickets in advance next time). So, here we are.

Honestly, I usually don't have this much to say about season openers. But, it appears MLP will continue to surprise me in new and curious ways. So, follow me below the break, and let's see if Season 8 is putting its best foot forward.

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Comment posted by A Man Undercover deleted January 11th

The crazy pink horse will always have a place in my heart for the comedic yet complex gem she is. :pinkiehappy:

If you don’t mind me asking how do you feel about pinkie in general?

I believe it's artwork from Mega Man 7, but don't quote me on that. I got this image a long time ago. :twilightsheepish:

Nice Icon. Which Megaman is it from?

2396513 Yes, it is highly recommended that you read the first three stories in order to properly follow what's going on in Marehunter.

Is reading the rest of My Little Investigations necessary for Marehunter to make sense?

Well. Time to give My Little Investigations a read and see how good they are. I am a sucker for mystery stories and I'm hoping to get some delicious entertainment from them. Will let you know what I think about them in the comments.

  • Viewing 137 - 146 of 146
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