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Welcome to the group of Amethyst Star!

A background pony that has actually interacted with one of the mane six for more than five seconds.

See? Now that's awesome! Amethyst Star can smell Rainbow Dash's nonsense a mile off.

So why don't we hang around in a group dedicated to her?

The rules are simple:

1. Add any stories that include Amethyst Star as either the main character or a side role to every relevant folder. Mature stories are allowed. If stories get placed in the wrong folder, either remove them if it's a self-offense or message an admin asking them to do it in the case of stories you cannot remove yourself.
2. No stories that are a part of a -verse. These stories should belong in their own groups.
3. Keep threads relevant to Amethyst Star.
4. Fimfiction rules apply to the group. That means no NSFW (Not Safe For Work) imagery.
5. Accept and embrace Amethyst Star as your new overlord.
6. Share in Amethyst Star's amazingness.

Banner credit goes to Kanzlerin Maud.
Look out for bread!

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I that is interesting :applejackunsure:.


I honestly never understood why they think Amethyst is Derpy's daughter. I think of the two as roughly the same age, if not Amethyst being older. I had ran across a piece of fan art one time that depicts Written Script and Golden Harvest as the parents of Amethyst, Dinky and Tootsie Flute....and that is what I use in my ponyverse.

Since Amethyst is the eldest fan daughter of Derpy and the elder sister of Dinky, I have a good idea for a story involving all three of them:raritywink:. Though that's gonna be a little while:twilightsheepish:.

Amethyst star>twalot.
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pretty pink pony

She's the grumpy background pony Ponyville needs.

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