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They/Them :: Just a silly little author writing silly little stories about silly little ponies. <3


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~ About Me! ~

︶꒦꒷♡꒷꒦︶ Hi there!!~ ︶꒦꒷♡꒷꒦︶

꒷꒦ 。 ₊˚ Welcome to my mediocre corner of the internet!! I'm Butterpuppy, but feel free to call me Zephyr, Dimentio, Polybius, Bianca or Electra!! - I don't have a preference as I'm a bit of a name collector myself, so call me what you like!! If you want to be less formal, feel free to call me Zee or Zeph if you'd prefer! ‹𝟹

꒷꒦ 。 ₊˚ I'm from 16-19 years old, and I've been writing since I was about 6 years old - you could say I have a little bit of experience. :] ‹𝟹

꒷꒦ 。 ₊˚ I use they/them pronouns - if you're not confident on how to use those, just imagine me as an angry, raging horde of bees! 🐝 ‹𝟹

꒷꒦ 。 ₊˚ I'm an autistic asexual non-binary human (I think), who enjoys writing, drawing, making mediocre jewelry and collecting all kinds of useless trinkets. I also like playing video games, creepypastas, short Italian plumbers and silly little colorful horses. ‹𝟹

꒷꒦ 。 ₊˚ Feel free to interact with me! I don't bite (most of the time). ‹𝟹

꒷꒦ 。 ₊˚ I write as a hobby! which means any stories or updates will be posted at random or whenever I feel like it!! ‹𝟹

꒷꒦ 。 ₊˚ I think that's it! I hope you have a fantastic day!! ‹𝟹

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Howdy howdy, and thank you for the favorite!

Hey thank you so much for adding my story In Your Dreams to favourites <3 it really does mean a lot :)

I’ve been writing stories since I was quite young too and write as a hobby as well :)

Here to make your day 'cuz why not :twilightsmile:

Welcome to FiMFiction, friend! 😇

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Side note: not a bot, just a nerd, lol

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