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This is a group dedicated to one of the newest characters, Coloratura. Add your stories featuring this countess pony to this group, showing all of her well-deserved glory!

1: Add your stories to the appropriate folder.

2: All stories must include Coloratura in some form.

3: Put mature stories ONLY in the mature folder.

4: Place your stories in only ONE folder each. Most people do not like their feed to be flooded with the same story.
Amendment: You can put your stories in Only five folders each. This is due to certain parameters such as rating (Teen, Mature), whether or not your story is Equestria Girls related or not, the human/anthro tag and what you believe to be the two most important tags your story has.

5:Feel free to post threads about Coloratura ONLY. Please no self-promotional threads.
Amendment: You can post threads that are not about Coloratura ONLY due to the fact that there is only so much you can post about a character who only appears once. But try to keep it MLP related.

6:Threads must not have NSFW content.

Well, that's all! Have fun showing praise to the most famous pop star in all of Equestria!

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love her, she is best singing pony

Comment posted by Golden Fang Ryu Shenron deleted Jul 17th, 2022

Could someone please tell me or give me a link to that banner? thanks


That bible quote, though.

That avatar, though.

How do we remove stories? I accidentally put a story in 2nd Person.

Never mind, fixed it.

That banner, though.

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