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"When the dust has cleared, and victory denied; a summit too lofty, river a little too wide. If we keep our pride, though paradise is lost, we will pay the price, but we will not count the cost."

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The User Page of that Old, Rush-addicted Brony

Welcome to my user page. As stated, yes, I am a massive fan of Rush. My passion may have cooled over the years, but I've found many a solace in the lyrics penned by Neil. As like many other nerds that reside here, other activites that grab my eye are video games (PC Master Race and all that) and penning the occasional story. Have been around on this site for a long while and seen things come and go, but one thing that doesn't change is the love this community has for our pastel ponies.

At one time, I was a massive fan of any story related to the Dazzlings from Rainbow Rocks, however, ponies won out in the end. Other hightlights of my tenure with MLP was being part-time editor of A Dazzling Winter by thegreatcat14. Even wrote a story in the continuity. If you like one, you'll probably like the other.

Now, well, I've been inactive for a while, but I've recently had a resurgence in writing motivation, so some things might be coming down the pipe in the next months. It's funny how tastes change: thankfully MLP wasn't one of the victims.

Finally, if these kinds of lists are done any more, here's the top 5 favourite ponies: Tempest Shadow, Starlight Glimmer, Sunset Shimmer, Luna, Velvet Remedy (OC ponies count, right)?

Enjoy my writings! :twilightsmile:


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Thanks for the fave :twilightsmile:

Hanging in there, T4E? ❤️

Ah, yeah, I see it now. I don't check my comment section often for pas conversations. :rainbowlaugh: So no, I don't live in Vermont. I'm a happy Canadian through and through. :pinkiecrazy:

It's like 5-6 comments below us here on your page lol, but okay then, thought I'd find out. :twilightsmile:

Sibling dynamics are one of my specialities :raritystarry:

You're welcome! Cute Zipp and Pipp sibling dynamics are up my alley. :twilightsmile:

Nope. Never been to Vermont. I don't recall that it was ever brought up in my comments on here, but that could be going back years, and I just don't recall. :rainbowlaugh: I've been to other states, but never Vermont.

I'm glad you enjoyed The S-Regimen! :twilightsmile: And, unrelated, you're not from Vermont, are you? I was reading some of the past comments here and couldn't decipher the conversation one way or the other. :rainbowlaugh: I'm from Vermont, myself (though don't live there anymore), so I got excited. :derpytongue2:

Howdy howdy!
And thank you for adding my story to your favorites!

Thanks for the favorite!

Thanks for Favoriting Discord's Time Travel Trip! :pinkiehappy:

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