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LUNA's background, in case you were wondering:

LUNA was founded shortly after the return of the Lunar Princess. Their main purpose was to remove any threats to Princess Luna's throne, at first. They quickly became feared through all of Equestria to all except the Royal Guards, the Princesses, the Princes, and the Element Bearers. Initially, LUNA only accepted previous members of the Lunar Guard, although they quickly made changes to allow Pegasi in as well. Now, they are contemplating allowing all races to join their ranks. The four races would still be divided by Regiment, of course. LUNA now only deals with possible opposition to the throne of Luna if the opposition is proven. Although, if the possible opposition gets wind of having LUNA on their tail, they stop all actions against the throne. The way LUNA deals with these would-be oppressors is not very pleasant.

I just finished making LUNA's new banner!

Anyone can post a story in the folder as long as it has Princess Luna in it. I will also post an RP thread with simple rules so that you can roleplay your OC(s) that are a member of LUNA. Enjoy!

Oh! Almost forgot! Rules:
1. No harassing other FIMFiction users.
2. No attacking stories that you don't like.
3. We are not editors, so we do not give you approval to edit stories. You are not restricted from editing, but don't use LUNA's name when/if you do.
4. You are required to enjoy yourselves.

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i kind of want to be a lunar assassin

Hello, it is I, Admiral Iroh Legoman, Chief Naval Officer of the New Lunar Republic Navy. Yes, Im a pretty big deal.

Oh, did i get the wrong room in the Hexagon? I got an odd memo to come to this room, is this it?

I'm just going to let you know that he's our organization's planetary destruction specialist. I don't know if that information is helpful, but he is.

I'm fairly certain we got the right one. Don't underestimate us. We're good at our job.

376356 Are you sure they got the right one? Because there are a ton of clones of him.

No need. I sent in another team and they managed to bring him in.

374871 Well they're dead now. Dang it.
I'll revive them soon enough, but for now I'll have to store their bodies in my cryogenics lab.
I'm going to send in Pinkamena Diane Pie. Do you think she'll be able to get the job done?

We've already got a team after him.

374752 Yeah, about that...
One of our members actually attempted to kill Luna, but he didn't know that she wasn't actually on the moon. (He is a non-brony)
I accidentally revealed Luna's true location to him and he teleported to Canterlot, but I had my mercenaries waiting for him, and they dealt with him. I am still not sure how he survived what they did to him.
So I'm not going to stop you if you try to kill him. (He also tried to destroy my house multiple times.)

I think we can't do that. We serve the Princesses, and it's our job to take out threats to their rule. If you want to take over the rest of the world, be our guests, but the second you move against the Princesses... Only death will await you.

373172 Oh, and by the way, we're taking over the world. In return for your cooperation, we will let you guys have all of Equestria. What do you think of that deal?
P.S. I threw in that image just for fun.

That's fine. We've got smiths in our employ anyway, so we could make weapons if we really wanted to. Looks like you've got yourself a deal.

372642 In that case, I'm changing the deal a bit, we'll take any weapons found in the homes of those who you eliminate. That okay?

Well, LUNA doesn't conquer territory. We just eliminate threats to Princess Luna's position. So, we will agree to form this alliance, and you can have all conquered territory.

In that case, *hands you a high-tech pistol* It's a gift from The Organization of Really Evil People/Ponies.
It's my latest invention, I like to call it the Hunter-Killer.
There are three settings. The settings are 'Paralyzer', 'Eliminator', and, well, most of the mercs like to call the third setting 'Eviscerate', but the official name for this setting is 'Dematerialization'.
The reason I gave you this weapon is because I hope to form an alliance between our organizations.
This alliance will give you access to some of my android soldiers, plasma-based weaponry, and antimatter weapons.
All we ask in return is that we get a small portion of any conquered territory.

Sorry to answer your question so late. Anyway, no, LUNA is an independent organization, answering only to the Princess herself, although they are frequently sent on missions which require interaction between LUNA and the NLR. Hope this answers your question, and once again, sorry I hadn't answered sooner. :twilightsmile:


so zetta slow little ponies

the composer is here, and shes taking control


Is LUNA part of the NLR?

*flies over a rainbow above u* TASTE THE RAINBOWS BITCHES:pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2:

341297 Well its a good move to keep my bronydom "Under the radar"

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