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Tranquil Serenity

I am a one-shot writer who loves Slice of Life tales and hearing from readers who enjoy my stories. Click on my blogs for an MLP poem.

Things I Profoundly Appreciate

Authors who care about the grammar in their stories.

Authors who take the time to respond to comments.

Authors who either delete rude comments or respond politely regardless.

Commenters who stay on topic and say things that are relevant to the story on which they are commenting. And if they have a question that could be answered by google, they use google, not the comment section.

Those who criticize objectively and constructively, as opposed to just tearing someone's story down because of things they personally disliked. And as an added bonus, is careful of the language they use to express themselves, with sensitivity to the general tone they invoke - writing more of a balanced or objective critique, rather than one that is laced with disdain or irritation.

Readers who send grammar corrections via PM regardless of whether the author specifically requested it or not, so that the author's comment section is just thoughts on the story, as opposed to a history of all the grammatical errors that were once there.

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"Empathy is seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another, and feeling with the heart of another." โ€• Alfred Adler


"The smallest actions say the most." โ€” Being Cabellaro


"When people start hurling insults at you, you know their minds are closed and there's no point in debating. You disengage yourself as quickly as possible from the situation." โ€” Judith Martin


โ€œManners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others. If you have that awareness, you have good manners, no matter what fork you use.โ€ โ€• Emily Post


"You don't have to attend every argument you're invited to." โ€• Unknown


โ€œTenderness and kindness are not signs of weakness and despair, but manifestations of strength and resolution.โ€ โ€• Kahlil Gibran


"A beautiful heart can bring things into your life that all the money in the world couldn't obtain." โ€” Dau Voire


"When people talk about traveling to the past, they worry about radically changing the present by doing something small, but barely anyone in the present really thinks that they can radically change the future by doing something small."


"When you speak, always tell the truth, but don't always speak." โ€” Robert Brault


โ€œIn a dark room, you canโ€™t take the darkness away, but you can put light in it.โ€


"Don't flatter yourself that friendship authorizes you to say disagreeable things to your intimates. The nearer you come into relation with a person, the more necessary do tact and courtesy become." โ€” Oliver Wendell Holmes


"There is a purpose to our lives that each day tugs at our sleeve as an annoying distraction." โ€” Robert Brault


"You can awaken each day to obligations you never chose, or you can decide today to choose them." โ€” Robert Brault


โ€œThe best index to a person's character is how he treats people who can't do him any good, and how he treats people who can't fight back.โ€ โ€• Abigail Van Buren


โ€œPeople shouldn't be embarrassed just because they get caught acting a little silly.โ€ โ€• Charles M. Schulz


"Measure wealth not by the money you have but by the things you have for which you would not take money." โ€” Robert Brault


โ€œI've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.โ€ โ€• Maya Angelou


โ€œThere is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.โ€ โ€• Linda Grayson


โ€œIf Iโ€™m honest I have to tell you I still read fairy-tales and I like them best of all.โ€ โ€• Audrey Hepburn


"I don't need to see the sun again, there is enough light in your eyes to light up all the world."


"From the outside looking in, it's hard to see. From the inside looking out, it's hard to explain."


"Your age doesn't define your maturity. Your grades don't define your intellect. And rumors don't define who you are."


"I'm not afraid to admit that I have a weakness...especially if it's as beautiful as you..."


โ€œIf you want to discover the true character of a person, you have only to observe what they are passionate about.โ€ โ€• Shannon L. Alder


โ€œTrue friends are like diamonds โ€“ bright, beautiful, valuable, and always in style.โ€ โ€• Nicole Richie


โ€œWhen friendships are real, they are not glass threads or frost work, but the solidest things we can know.โ€ โ€• Ralph Waldo Emerson


โ€œFriendship improves happiness, and abates misery, by doubling our joys, and dividing our grief.โ€ โ€• Marcus Tullius Cicero


โ€œWhat do you most value in your friends? Their continued existence.โ€ โ€• Christopher Hitchens


โ€œA single rose can be my garden; a single friend, my world.โ€ โ€• Leo Buscaglia


Those who realize their folly are not true fools. โ€• Zhuangzi


Life is short, and it is up to you to make it sweet. โ€• Sarah Louise Delany


Life always waits for some crisis to occur before revealing itself at its most brilliant. โ€• Paulo Coelho


Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful. โ€• Thich Nhat Hanh


What users think about Tranquil Serenity's writings

You've got this neat little formula going that gets me every time. You write the show characters very competently and stick to show-like plots and storytelling, which is harder to pull off than people think and certainly engaging for the reader...

I mean, that's what draws me in so well when it comes to your stuff. It isn't edgy or overbearing; it isn't threatening you as a writer (yes, this happens), saying, 'Look how great I am.' They're just nice, quiet, simple yet effective little pieces of work that put a smile on your face, and who wouldn't want to read something like that? โ€” Acologic (Twilight's Poetry Recital)

This made me smile. Very sweet. โ€” River Shy (Ditzy Doo Loves Muffins - A Poem)

This was adorable and the song really shows Scoots' hopes and dreams. โ€” MixMassBasher (When Only the Heart Can Soar)

You're a legend! Love your stories! โ€” GravityDefyingCoffeeMug

Love the bond shown with these two sisters. Very touching. โ€” MixMassBasher (Sweetie's Imperfectly Perfect Night)

An inspirational story with a beautiful song included. โ€” Zervon Tora (Sweetie's Imperfectly Perfect Night)

This was a pretty fun and charming short story, the length felt right, not too long or too short and Rarity and Sweetie's interactions were just heart-warming. โ€” Waiting (Sweetie's Imperfectly Perfect Night)

That is beautiful. That song, the set up, and the very last line. It gives me warm, happy feelings. โ€” Avendrial (Sweetie's Imperfectly Perfect Night)

This was super cute, and quite accurate for all the pets. โ€” Anon E Moose (Onyx and Opal)

Great story to take a deep dive into the shy pegasus we know and love. โ€” MixMassBasher (I Am a Pegasus)

Ah, nothing like a simple, straightforward pile of precious cinnamon roll thoughts to read while staying up past midnight. โ€” Imaginer31415 (I Am a Pegasus)

This is so beautiful, so moving. โ€” SuperPinkBrony12 (The Only Twilight)

Aw, so cute! It would be nice if this actually happened in the show. Could easily see it! โ€” Summer Dancer (Can Yona Talk to the Animals?)

This story is like a stew. Wholesome, simple, and filling. Great work! โ€” Salty Alty (Can Yona Talk to the Animals?)

You seriously write the cutest stories on this site! โ€” twidash1993 (Goodnight, Angel)

Ah, a nice, relaxing read. โ€” AstralMouse (Night, Night, Sweetie Belle)

Not gonna lie this story made my day. Good job. โ€” Tango-Raptor (โ™ซ Sweet as Sugar Cubes โ™ซ)

Really made me laugh out loud. You really got their personalities nailed. โ€” Jay Watson (Moondancer, Let's Be Friends!)

You really do these short and sweet slice of life stories well. This was a pleasant read. โ€” AstralMouse (Moondancer, Let's Be Friends!)

This was beautiful. โ€” Godslittleprincess (Granny's Gift)

You know what? This was so well done. I loved the shy romance and the cheering up. It made me smile. โ€” BradyBunch (Say Something)

Just my type of read! Great spelling and storytelling. Fave and like! โ€” FireRain (The Divinity of Kindness)

Your descriptions are getting better and better, and they were good to start with. Like from me! โ€” Acologic (The Divinity of Kindness)

Your Rarity is simply divine, darling โ€“ not overdone, moderate in her mannerisms yet undeniably 'Rarity'. I know you like writing her, haha, based on your other stories. You've done her justice every time. โ€” Acologic (Eventide Wings)

Wow... For such a short story, you really packed a lot of emotion into it. I'm impressed. And a little envious. โ€” Imaginer31415 (Silence)

I really enjoyed this. Your tone game with these SoLs is solid. Your writing style is mellow and very palatable, which complements the story content. โ€” Acologic (A Second Everfree)

I can certainly understand why this was Featured. โ€” Silver Butcher (Words on a Page)

This is cute beyond measure. โ€” Shining Spark (Words on a Page)

My man, I like your style: it isn't (what we could call) irritably elaborate, as many are, but simple and effective, not saying too little but no more than it needs to. โ€” Acologic (Words on a Page)

That was really good! Short, sweet, exactly as long as it needed to be, and a good dose of heartwarming for good measure. Thank you for sharing it with us! โ€” stillinbeta (Words on a Page)

Short and very sweet, as well as tender, with a fare dosage of impact. Well done. โ€” Timeless Lord Slayer (Words on a Page)

D'awww... Think I just got that warm and fuzzy feeling. โ€” The Bricklayer (Words on a Page)

Time to make a bookshelf for adorably wholesome fics because I am not going to lose track of this. โ€” Icarus_Con_Queso (Words on a Page)

Nice, eloquent, yet so relatable for so many. โ€” Hungryman (Words on a Page)

This was some pleasantly wholesome slice-of-life fluff. I loved it, and must now go see what else the author has done. โ€” Esorial (Words on a Page)

Simple, straightforward and resonant. Nice work. โ€” Amethyst_Dawn (Words on a Page)

Look at this, you've got me reading everything of yours. And it's because, as I've said elsewhere, your writing style is so easy on the eye and mind! There should be a limit on how often I end up saying 'good job', but good job โ€“ again, haha! โ€” Acologic (Rarity and the Dissatisfied Cat)

One of your strengths I see in all your stories is well-managed pacing via description/narrative. I will avoid saying 'good job' again and instead settle for... well done! (Lame, I know.) โ€” Acologic (Lean on Me)

I loved the story. And it had a very good ending, but to be honest Iโ€™m dying for more! โ€” Crossover Queen (A Diamond in Need of Polishing)

These were brilliant! I loved them! Keep writing! โ€” FabulousDivaRarity (Twilight's Poetry Recital)

Aww, man, this story was so sweet. This could easily be an episode and an enjoyable one at that. I loved this and appreciate the effort that clearly went into it. โ€” Acologic (Twilight's Poetry Recital)

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Awwww! Thank you so much for the compliment! I'm glad you like them! :pinkiehappy:

You're a legend! Love your stories!

Thanks! I look forward to it! :pinkiehappy:

When I'm inspired I do. :derpytongue2:

You write pretty cute stories! I'll be following along, maybe giving some thoughts here and there :twilightsmile:

Also you write stories at an amazing pace :rainbowderp:

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