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Tranquil Serenity

I am a proud one-shot writer who loves Slice of Life tales and hearing from readers who enjoy my stories. Click on my blogs for an MLP poem.


Celestia's Talk With Alicorn Twilight - A Poem · 2:36pm Aug 5th, 2019

Celestia's Talk With Alicorn Twilight

So now you are an Alicorn
Oh happy day! Congrats!
You used to be a unicorn
But now you're so much more than that

Yes, though these new wings, so big and grand
Are clumsy, confusing, and uncoordinated
One day you'll take off, soar, glide, and land
In mind, every flight equation you have formulated

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Ditzy Doo Loves Muffins - A Poem · 11:52pm Aug 4th, 2019

Ditzy Doo Loves Muffins

I enjoy eating muffins
I like them big and small
If you get me a dozen
Then I will eat them all

There is much I like about muffins
Their soft texture and sweet taste
Cold or fresh out of the oven
In my mouth they will be placed

Sometimes I'll set them out to cool
But with their enticing scent so fast entrapping
In eager anticipation I'll start to drool

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