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Music, music, for everyone to hear · 4:13pm Jul 29th, 2015

for Music, music for everyone to hear,
when one's symphony commences today.
Music, Music resonates without fear,
with every note and phrase, it molds our clay

So Mellow, mellow, can a person's phrase shape,
so allegro, short, a person's phrase last.
allegro should slow and hear the song's tape
mellows must stray from dread, or be aghast

Phrases, phrases, to how music must form
notes within measure upon measure line

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You know. · 4:48am Jan 26th, 2017

You know something is wrong.

You know that you're the only one who knows what that something wrong even is.

You know you can't just leave it there unchecked.

You know no one else would notice, but you also know that you would notice.

You know that someone else needs to know.

But they can't.

You know that you can't solve it alone.

You know you lack the skills to fix it by yourself.

You know you want some help.

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The Little Mouse · 12:18am Apr 30th, 2018

I saw a little mouse today,
Its fur coat was messy and grey.
I'm glad it seemed eager to stay
around someone like me.

I set a crumb down by its feet
It squeaked happily for the treat
And so I watched it quickly eat
that little piece of me.

Now there's no dinner for me tonight.
There is no rescue within sight.
And honestly, that's quite alright
it's nothing new to me.

I wonder: will the little mouse stay?
If so, my next crumb I will lay.
Cause I'm glad to give myself away,

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I Remember You · 3:47am Feb 4th, 2018

It's been a long time since we parted ways...

Do you remember me?

I remember you. You're the only thing I can remember.

I remember you being my light.

I remember you causing me pain.

I remember you making me happy when nothing else could.

I remember you making me miserable beyond compare.

I remember you making me feel safe from any and all danger.

I remember you being someone dangerous to be around.

I remember you being the therapy that saved my life.

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I'll return to these rooms in years to come · 5:14pm Jan 15th, 2022

I'll return to these rooms in years to come
When the soul of the house has fled.
I'll walk these doors, and pause on the stairs,
And I'll lay once again in this bed.

I'll lay where I am and I'll close my eyes
And feel the room as it was
The shelves, the door, the uneven floor,
The smells of the paint and the solvent and more,
The window that never quite shut

So tonight I listen to winds as they sigh,
To the breathing of people asleep nearby,

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Way Too Good at Goodbyes · 5:45am Jan 3rd, 2022

I never know what to say, when it’s time to say goodbye.
Alright, I say, It was nice to see you.
Or maybe a Well then as I stand.
Sometimes I just smile and wave
And don’t say a thing
And watch as the headlights back down the driveway
Until they’re swallowed by the night.
I love you, or I’ll see you next week, right?
Okay, Tuesday then? A quiet hug?
All of these, and I still can never decide.
Adieu, Farewell, Auf Weidersein, Goodnight?
Or do I end with later, alligator,

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As Love, So Fleeting · 6:54am Nov 10th, 2016

Hey, guys!

So I was bored the other day while at work and there was a writing challenge on reddit I decided to join in on: Write a poem that when read forward is from the perspective of the victim, but when read backward (lines read normally, but from bottom to top) is the perspective of the murderer.

My entry:

At night, I hear the childrens' cries.
"There is no evil left to fear.
"There is no monster living here,"
I whisper softly, softly. Lies.

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Special ponies · 10:05am Jun 8th, 2015

I love the ponies I have met here.
Each one in turn, I hold so dear.

They took me in when I was cold.
They over look that I am old.

In other places largely ignored.
Often leaving me alone, bored.

Loving hearts show so bright.
Being here feels so right.

Together we now walk the ways.
In the sunshine of the days.

To all now, I offer this;
I thank you all, with a kiss.

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To lead · 1:20pm Jul 18th, 2015

Come take my hoof, I am light,
I shall lead you from dark to bright.
Follow my voice I am here,
Waiting for you to hear.
Come to the sound I plead,
From this dark place I will lead.

Seek out my spark, I am life,
From you shall I take your strife.
This way I plead, come to me now,
come to me now, to the light bow,
follow in joy, dance and play,
to the light, let your heart sway,

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drunk poetry · 4:25pm Jul 20th, 2018

Genie, gypsy, devil pact
Necro-nomi-conic fact
Monkey paws and leprichauns
gold from straw for first borns sworn
Wicked witches, Baphomet
Take for granted what you get
Wish a wish and it comes true
But a wish's debts come due
One wish, two wish, can't undo wish.

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An eternal fate. (Poetry) · 6:12am May 1st, 2018

A fate yet eternal with a pain ever present,
She appears every night, a spectre of fate,
Her eyes filled with wrath, her presence brought with it blame,
For ignorance long ago, made sure a young girl would not age,
And a child to grow up, with his mind to become his cage,
For each night he begged, for mercy or death,
But neither was brought, for the curse has a debt,
A lifetime of fear for failing the ones he held dear,
A life he failed to save to haunt him to his grave,

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Clearly in Need. · 3:19am Dec 4th, 2015

Each and every time that I check my feed,
I see people on here who are clearly in need.
Depression and confession are both guaranteed
To come from those folks who are clearly in need.
These are dark times, they are dark times indeed
For those select folks who are clearly in need.
I look through the blog posts, and I hear them plead
For someone to help them, as they’re clearly in need.
I help out when I can, as it’s my personal creed
To try to help folks who are clearly in need.

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Sung to the tune of "Twinkle twinkle little star" · 4:29pm Jul 23rd, 2020

Slam my head into a wall,
How'd this happen to us all?

ok poetry session over kthxbai

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Goldilocks and the 3 Norse Bears · 1:25am Jun 8th, 2017

Apropos of nothing

Yesterday I opened a jar of yogurt from my fridge, and after eating some, checked the expiration date and saw it was June 7.


It seemed wrong to eat yogurt just one day shy of being a year past its expiration date. So I saved some to eat today. Happy birthday, yogurt!

Relevant to Bad Horse’s Bedtime Stories,

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Fireworks · 2:47am Jul 25th, 2018

You're first to shine and bedazzle, so try not to fret,
When you're the first to burn out and the first they forget.
'Cause you're a flash in the pan, that's your one single perk.
Because hey, that's just the way that fireworks work.

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Would it be ok to share? · 3:07am Jul 2nd, 2020

I sit here on my grave
waiting for my end
simple thoughts too deprave
to share or befriend
my love life is worthless
because I am my own worst adversary
and that's why I am worth less
just like my romance is all but legendary
seeking in fiction what I am unable to get in fact
that's what keeps me alive
I wish it was much easier but is the only way to distract
what is there else but to survive?
I drink to numb the pain
yet it does have the opposite effect

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My Poem · 11:30pm Aug 2nd, 2015

Warning: I'm not a confident poet, so any comments below that criticize my poem or speculate about its meaning are likely to be deleted!

It's a Shakespearean sonnet — i.e. it obeys the same rules of structure, rhyme, and metre that he used, but it's not written with Elizabethan English.

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And Now, A short poem. · 3:06pm Feb 7th, 2016

I laugh to myself, not knowing if Im supposed to cry. The sorrow that comes with failure, yet you see different. What do I desire? A question I could never answer. What does it mean to succeed. Tis but only fake and untrue to thou who find their work displeasing. Hath thou not been raised to what one loves? Shall it be named taboo, that we raise our children, to live this way.

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Poem - "I'm walking down the street"  · 3:18pm Dec 3rd, 2017

I once tried myself in poetry. Today I remembered one of the poems and decided to share it with you. Feel free to write a review or correct me in something - I will improve myself

"I'm walking down the street" 

I'm walking down the street
That full of fallen leaves 
Surrounded by people
Embittered like a thieves 
The wind gathers foliage
In beautiful gold swirl 
So maybe I'm still young
And maybe I can feel? 
The long road led me
To familiar alley 

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I Was/I Am...(a Free Verse Poem) · 4:52am Oct 31st, 2020

I Was/I Am

By: Ivory D. Jackson

I was the baby, born in a snowstorm

Three months early.

I was the baby

With curly brown hair and who's chance at life

Only maybe.

I was the baby

Whom everyone was afraid to touch

For fear I’d break!

I was the baby

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