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Royal Radiance

Hello, I am Royal Radiance (formerly Widgetgidget) and I love writing stories about ponies. Feel free to peruse my stories and I hope you enjoy it,if you like it or have advice,tell me, help's wanted

Steaming hot stories

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Thank you for the follow and may I offer a hoof in friendship?

I am on Twitter @Mlp_RandR

Omg I just found a picture with the mane six donning colts uniforms, " oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh , yeeeeeeessss!"

Thanks, I will, you too as well. And as saucy as I can make some stories, I think due to utter disgust as a reaction to them, I will not make any more, I'll still keep my clop fics and I will only make more if a lot of people want it badly enough. Also I have a couple questions for the two of you guys if you could answer them: first, my character on my profile picture was made in ms paint and while I don't necessarily don't like it, I've seen other people's profile pictures and they look WAY better than mine, so the point is what is the best program I should use to make my oc (also consider I'm not a visual artist, I can write and play music on my trumpet, but I, for whatever reason, don't have the patience to make visual art, especially on computer.) Secondly, I wonder if I can change my name, I'm okay if I'm stuck with it forever, you see, my character is an engineer and after going through my school's engineering program, I found that engineering isn't my thing. If you could answer, that'd be great, if not, I'm still ok. Finally, if you've haven't read my stories I would love to know what you think about them, however, I recommend you don't read my clop fics, I mean, I'm not to tell you what to do, and they're not bad, if it's your thing, I'm not stopping you, although one included incest. (My god, widget, you're a devout Christian and you're writing sexual stories about incestual multi color ponies engaging in threesomes, what are you doing with your life, lol, I did say I'd cut this out, though.)

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I'm on Twitter @Mlp_RandR