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Poem: Love Unspoken · 6:34am Jul 28th, 2016

Love Unspoken
by CoffeePony

I wonder what happens
To love unspoken?

Maybe it hides, burrows,
In a corner of your heart?
Hiding in the shadows,
Not knowing where to start?

Maybe it melts and oozes away,
Like sugar sweet flowing,
And there it will stay
Useless and rotting away.

Perhaps it slowly dims and dies,
Like stars in morning light.
Drowned in the shining sunlight,
Only sparkling in the dark of night.

Or it may simply die,
Like leaves in autumn time,
Or the darkness in the light,
Our flames in a lantern bright.

Or it may simply explode,
Like thundering volcanic fury.
Raging flames and crashing rocks,
Leave no trace for memory

Perhaps it simply falls and breaks,
Like crystal glass so fragile
Freezing and then cracking up
And shatter like hopes so futile

What happens, I wonder,
To a love you cannot say.
Maybe you’ll just forget, and won’t remember,
And with it, take the pain away

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