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Poem - "I'm walking down the street"  · 3:18pm Dec 3rd, 2017

I once tried myself in poetry. Today I remembered one of the poems and decided to share it with you. Feel free to write a review or correct me in something - I will improve myself

"I'm walking down the street" 

I'm walking down the street
That full of fallen leaves 
Surrounded by people
Embittered like a thieves 
The wind gathers foliage
In beautiful gold swirl 
So maybe I'm still young
And maybe I can feel? 
The long road led me
To familiar alley 

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Oh, no, it's no problem; I was just surprised. And thank you. :)

Just enjoyed reading your comments on Chatoyance stories. Maybe someday you'll blog or write something and I'll be in know. This is the reason why I followed you. Sorry if it makes you feel uncomfortable

I admit I'm a bit puzzled why you followed me, but thanks!

The group in which I try to recreate the universe of loaves. So far, everything is in Russian, but you can look at the pictures ~

I'll leave here the Skyscraper loaf. This drawing hangs on my wall above the table and inspires me. Once upon a time I thought about the idea of ​​how great it would be to describe the world where berry ponies and their equal partners - loaves and long loaves would live. A few comic books, musical compositions and short sketches do their job. My friends gave me an indispensable help - both on them: from the Internet and a few near to me. I do not know, but without them I would be stuck in work and study forever. So, get acquainted with this character. Those 5 hours that I painted this work were very unusual. I almost do not remember how I created the drawing from scratch, but I'm pretty sure that I have a desire and correct attitude :)
P.S I hope to structure all the information that I thought about it and share with you this interesting world

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