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  • Friday
    Signal Boost for An Intricate Disguise

    The full blog post is rather long, which seemed to me like it might put some people off and/or be too much for the time they had available, so I picked out a couple of paragraphs that I thought summarized the financial need well enough:

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  • 2 weeks
    Signal Boost for Cobalt Comet

    Sad news I'm bringing over from an Equestria Daily post, I'm afraid -- though I suppose signal boosts are rarely for people whose lives are going just great, just thought you should know. Cobalt Comet's life, along with those of some close to them, is indeed unfortunately not going just great at the moment, rather quite the opposite:

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  • 3 weeks
    Signal Boost for SweetBanana

    I'm in rather a hurry at the moment, but I thought I'd go ahead and make sure I got this boosted, following Trick Question's lead. Sorry for not getting more details in here, but those links should provide more information.

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  • 4 weeks
    Signal Boost for Art Inspired

    The main need, fortunately, appears to have passed, but following Trick Question's lead, I thought I'd boost anyway, just in case. Always the chance for unexpected difficulties, after all. Anyway, the blog post with details is over here.

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  • 6 weeks
    Santa Hat Time Again!

    Level Dasher has a blog post with some information on the tradition over here, if you're unfamiliar with it and curious; it also acted as a reminded for me of when it started. So for both purposes, I thought I'd put up a blog post of my own on the subject. :)

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So... Hi!

As you can probably tell from the comparing the count of my favourites to the count of my published stories and blogs, I'm here much more to read than to write, though I've tried my hoof a bit at the latter. Apparently I've written some quite good comments around the site, though, and over the years I've been here an increasing number of people have followed me. So, welcome to my user page!

(Also, if you were wondering, they/them pronouns are probably most accurate?)
(Just to head off any confusion, I'm not intersex, as far as I know, just enby-slash-uncertain-slash-confused-slash-why-is-gender-so-difficult? Ahem. Anyway, yes, group membership there just because I was invited after being interested in a story... or something like that; I don't quite recall. Though realizing that there might be confusion from that has now gotten me to volunteer a bit more information here, so... yay? I guess?
...Yes, a master of social grace I am not.

(Avatar by iisaw, as a very generous and unasked-for gift. :))

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Thank you for the offer, but I do have other things I'm busy with at the moment, aye -- so thank you also for the understanding. :)
I hope you find some good people, though!

Thank you 💝

Always wanting to improve if you're interested, if not, I understand. Figured anyone who enjoys MLP would enjoy a silly world of mine. It is about friendship (between a cat and a demon) as well, lol

Ah, good luck!

It's a fantasy comedy I hope to turn into a graphic novel IRL, shared the first four chapters here for feedback 😋

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