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Boosting Another Request for Aid, Already · 6:49am Yesterday

This time it's Skeeter The Lurker, over here. Alas, somewhat hard times we live in.

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That's actually quite interesting. I visualize my blog posts as me standing on a soapbox at a street corner, rambling incoherently and wild-eyed, while a couple of far too polite spectators listen and some scamp steals my hat.

Long story short, I'm quite happy you appreciated them.

Heh, you're welcome, for both; thanks for writing. :)
(Also, you may be mildly interested to know that while the latest chapter of A Bug on a Stick was what got me considering following you and subsequently delving deeper in search of things for or against that, as I recall it was your Weight of History blogpost, found in said delving, that had me saying "Yes, I think I've seen enough; time to push the button".)

Thank you for the following and for the hawkish checking for typos. I appreciate both a lot:twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 115 - 119 of 119
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So, um... Hi.

As you can probably tell from the comparing the count of my favourites to the count of my published stories, I'm here much more to read than to write. Apparently I've written some quite good comments, though. Some people started following me, so... I thought that maybe I'd better spruce my user page up a bit.

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