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I can't claim responsibility for the pictured artefact. Consult this talented person instead for all your pony cuboid-related needs.

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Palaververse Parts

These linked posts touch on the wider worldbuilding surrounding most of my stories, most especially Moonlight Palaver, The Tempest, and Wedding March. A library of which stories are compliant with said worldbuilding can be found here. Nothing within the posts is required reading for anything, and each story can hopefully stand by itself. If you've got a passing interest in the wider world around the main series, however, consider giving them a gander. Check out its TV Tropes page here.

Part 1: Ovarn
Part 2: Asinia
Part 3: Corva
Part 4: Bovaland
Part 5: The Griffons
Part 6: Capra
Part 7: The Dragons
Part 8: The Changelings
Part 9: The Diamond Dogs
Part 10: Old Equestria
Part 11: Modern Equestria
Part 12: Saddle Arabia
Part 13: Zebrica
Part 14: Gazellen
Part 15: Pachydermia
Part 16: Ceratos
Part 17: Antlertis
Part 18: The Local Cosmos
Part 19: The World Beyond the Mirror
Part 20: The Oceans
Part 21: The Immortals
Part 22: Ungulan Faiths
Part 23: World Faiths


Tyomnaya strana · 6:23pm January 25th

Just as alicorns descend upon parched wastelands bearing storms and seeds, so too do kindly translators upon my horsewords. Dark Country's received a Russian translation by the kind efforts of oranzinispegasas, an undertaking which leaves me obliged and flattered. If you're interested to see

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With your Christmas Avatar blog you’ve made the serious tactical error of reminding everyone you’re still alive Carabas.

I knew Cubity's festivity would lead me to destruction one of these days. I knew it and yet did nothing. Confound my foolishness.

Beg pardon for the lack of Legends progress. Writer's block's hit me like a sack of bricks this year and most of last, and besides a couple of other projects, it's hit Legends worst of all. Would dearly love to get in the saddle there as soon as my brain co-operates.

With your Christmas Avatar blog you’ve made the serious tactical error of reminding everyone you’re still alive Carabas. Where’s the next update of Legends? The Corva appear to be quite bored just waiting around with nothing to do. You know how much of a bad idea it is to let them get bored don’t you?

You deserve a smile, awesome possum!

Trying to spread more kindness around this site. Always here to bring the cheer. 😇💖

You're my friend-a-doodle now. Have a cookie! 🍪

Much obliged! :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 150 - 154 of 154
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