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A cyber security nerd who happens to enjoy horse words. And now writes them occasionally too.

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Chapter 11, Post-EFNW, and Other Stuff · 1:18am Aug 30th, 2021

A short-ish one this time! (yes, I added ish after I got to the end of the blog post. I'm a terrible person and can't write short things)

Okay, so, yes, I am still alive.

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Okay. So. First of all... huh?!

Second of all, wat?!

Third of all, uhhh yes! I would love a copy! This is absolutely amazing and definitely not something I'd ever expected. I'm very honored that you'd consider my story worthy of print, but more than that you'd actually go and print it yourself! I shall throw you a private message soon to sort out the details and whatnot.

As for printing Unending Love... I suppose you could print that in a single hardback if you don't mind it being 1,200 pages. (I've estimated that it'll be 400-450K words by the time I'm done. :twilightsheepish:)

Thank you again. This is very cool and it would be amazing to physically hold those pages.

Heyo, I'm a hobbyist bookbinder who decided I'd make physical copies of some of my favorite stories. Unchanging Love was too small to make a hardcover, so I made a paperback. Feel free to message me if you'd like one of the copies. They're not perfect, but I like how they turned out


Also, once Unending Love is done, I'll definitely make a hardcover for that one >:)

I just wanted to come on here to thank you for both of your story's I find the characters to be extremely interesting. (Followed)

SURE SURE God bless. God loves you, now and forever.

  • Viewing 30 - 34 of 34
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