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By this point in their relationship, Twilight is more than accustomed to Luna's mischievous proclivities. So when Luna asks for Twilight's help acquiring a present for her sister, barely an eyebrow is raised. Not even when it's mere minutes before present opening time at a Hearth's Warming Eve party.

That is, until she finds out where this very special present resides.

An Enchanted Library server Secret Santa story for iAmSiNnEr!

Thanks to SigmaSonicX for editing and Lillowisp for the cover art!

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This story is a sequel to Unchanging Love

The explosion of love from the defeat at Canterlot hit harder and reached farther than any changeling expected. Firefly felt the effects as much as any, but she also gained something wonderful and priceless from it. Though this gift brought her a kind of joy she had never expected, she fears one question more than anything.

What trials will she and Fine Roast face when the invasion's inevitable fallout reaches them?

Big thanks to Cursori, SigmasonicX, Dogman15 (Chapters 2-5), and Ghost Mike for editing.

Amazing cover art by Pridark.

Friendly heads up. Beware the comments, they may contain spoilers!

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It’s the week before the Canterlot wedding and tensions are high, even more so for the changeling love collectors. With the results of the wedding, life is going to change drastically, regardless of the outcome.

For one co-owner of the Sweet Roast Cafe, wife to a loving stallion, and undercover changeling, Sweet Leaf can only hope this change is kind.

Edited by Cursori, Fade, and Lingo

Preread by 63.546.

Cover art by lilfunkman.

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