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“«Eh? eh, mio caro?» But mio caro did not reply.” ;n;

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Ah don't worry, figured it was for that post with how active I am around here. Just thought to ask on that server since I don't know the account names of a lot of people there lol

Hi! Avonder messaged me about you being confused about why I followed you, so sorry about that! I like keeping up on news about book prints (I sort of collect them), so I try to follow people who express interest in doing one, but in your case I followed you by accident when I was adding multiple people from the comments of a recent blog post. Hopefully that clears things up! :twilightsheepish:

Good eye.

I would know...

I see you.

Really hope so, have a nice day!

I hope you enjoy my stories when you get around to reading them. :twilightsmile:

GAPJaxie's as well, given you apparently just followed him today, too. He's a great writer.

Hmm. Does violating your pristine userpage count as my evil deed for the day?

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