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Third-party archival project, do not contact Fimfiction staff for support.


Fimfarchive is a project which aims to release all stories available on Fimfiction, together with their metadata, as a single archive. The archive is organized by author and could be used for backup, offline reading, or data mining.

A new version will be released each season via BitTorrent, approximately once every three months. When suitable, an xdelta3 patch will also be provided for users who do not wish to redownload unchanged stories.

Note that the archive contains a large number of files. Unzipping it to your file system may not be necessary if the archive is to be used together with some application. If you are a developer, reading directly from the ZIP-file may be preferable.

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Fimfarchive 20220601 released! · 9:27pm May 31st

Thirty-sixth release with 204263 stories.

The complete archive.
Name: fimfarchive-20220601.zip
Size: 7.2 GB
Torrent: Official (SE)
Direct: Official (SE)
Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:9706e8c6f3342b8dda6613b7d24f70ad276d41fd
SHA1: 06e1305d084e27d780222339c35f227b5f47d6b8

The xdelta3 patch.

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I sent it to you in a pm as its Nsfw

its in the archive would you like the file

Don't intend to be an asshole but i couldn't find it, what's it under?

Do you have the original "three of me school vs society"by killjoy?

Hi do you have the story "Celestia's new life" archived? Never finished it and when I decided to go back to it the story is gone. Can't find it on fimfetch either. Thanks.


Nothing by McCoda either, sorry.

Do you have the story landfall by the author Mccoda?


I'm afraid there are no stories that match that title in Fimfarchive.

Do you have this story "In A Jiffy" saved?

Hello im looking for a specific story its called “saving equus” its about a human female being turned into a male alicorn tasked to stop celestia and luna from messing with the sun and moon. She turned he eventually picks up queen crystalis as a mate

Comment posted by Bill123 deleted Dec 30th, 2021


I'd rather not have people call out authors who have opted out, at least if they're lesser known ones. The two authors I think will affect the most people have already been mentioned in the last few posts here. People asking me to remove stories is still very rare, and the people who did seemed to not have done so haphazardly.

Feel free to reply here or drop me a message if you think I can handle this in a better way. Right now I just add numbers to changelog in the readme. I obviously think archiving is important, but I want to avoid hurting people if possible. I think we should offer people a way out for that reason.

EDIT: Note that the removals in the first five releases were not deletion requests. Those were empty stories that probably should never have made it into the archive. I should look into those one of these days!

Comment posted by Bill123 deleted Dec 30th, 2021
Comment posted by Frederik deleted Jul 22nd, 2021

It seems to me vongoalyken wants to distance himself from mlp, there is no trace of the original story which is a shame while It had its moments of cringe It was engaging

Out of curiosity, what author were you looking for?

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