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Third-party archival project, do not contact Fimfiction staff for support.


Fimfarchive is a project which aims to release all stories available on Fimfiction, together with their metadata, as a single archive. The archive is organized by author and could be used for backup, offline reading, or data mining.

A new version will be released each season via BitTorrent, approximately once every three months. When suitable, an xdelta3 patch will also be provided for users who do not wish to redownload unchanged stories.

Note that the archive contains a large number of files. Unzipping it to your file system may not be necessary if the archive is to be used together with some application. If you are a developer, reading directly from the ZIP-file may be preferable.

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Next Release

  • Target: 2020-09-01
  • Status: Not Started

Fimfarchive 20200601 released! · 3:32pm June 1st

Twenty-eighth release with 187552 stories.

The complete archive.
Name: fimfarchive-20200601.zip
Size: 6.4 GB
Torrent: Official (SE)
Direct: Official (SE)
Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:3165ac15698ad6e7a0d8a48e0343040c682c32f9
MD5: b6c62b037ac66ba6fb7c2dbb0132515e

The xdelta3 patch.

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Do you have any of these other stories like downward dog, sky dating, sparkling ocean, shimmering heart, nightly swim, heart of the ocean, etc?

Comment posted by CourageousHeart deleted 6 days ago

Success at last! Thanks bud!


For the the links I posted, open them in a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc), not the Mega App you mentioned. I just did so on my tablet and it works fine.

I downloaded it and it said empty folder. All of them are empty.


I use a computer. I don't personally know how well specific phones/tablets handle it. As far as I know those two links I added should work in any web browser.


From the blogs that Fimfarchive posts, you need a device that is able to download a multi-gigabyte file either in a torrent client or directly.

There are actually two authors or one + alt, Patriot Pony and Patriot Pony Productions in the archive.

Patriot Pony:
Patriot Pony Productions:

I just got the Mega app and was wondering if you can please get me these stories from the fimarchive blog since I’m unable to? https://fimfetch.net/?q=&r=52&rm=2&wt=l&w=7600&a=Patriot+pony

How come whenever I try to download a blog a shows a blank folder?

I want to so thank you so much for helping me find it.


Here are all the stories by Happycamper who appears to be the author of the story url you linked.


I was wonder if I could get some help. Idk if I'm doing this wrong or not but i have a link to an old story i use to read and it dosent work I tryed fimfetch and got nothing. Idk if any one can help me find this story and the rest that gose with it but it be a big help.https://www.fimfiction.net/story/282809/2/sunnys-revenge/caught-in-a-bare-trap

No, and I couldn't even find any information about that username.

does this have the naruto story called suicidal and pregnant by deadsilence95?

I’m assuming that the archive is updated each time to match the current version of each story. The closest archive available to what you want is 20190601, which you can find from the blog posts.

Is there a version of this available that would have a version of a story from before it was edited on June 16, 2019? Or does the whole archive get updated when the new download is released?

Sent you a PM, because I don't think I should link potentially NSFW material here.

Can anyone help me find a deleted story? I don't know if the story was on this site before since I was not here back in 2015.
Name of Story - Young Love
Story author - PaleNarrator

I don't want to wait like 6 hours for this to download to see if that story is in there.

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