Welcome to the "Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord" Contest Group!

Here we will be laying out all the information and rules for this contest! See below:


Ship any of the princesses with any of the villains in the show. However, the villain cannot be reformed in your story's time and setting, and you cannot make use of the AU tag.

With this what Famous (and by extension the judges) are looking for are Princesses shipping with villains from the show's canon. The villain has to still be in their evil prime and you cannot stray off into your own headcannon. Famous gave some examples which I'll share below!

Acceptable: Tirek escapes his imprisonment and returns to destroy Equestria. Upon doing so, he runs into Cadance and romance stuff happens.

Unacceptable: Cadance was never married and is actually a bounty hunter on the hunt for Tirek, whom she ends up falling in love with.

Get it? Now I'll share with you guys the rules:


All entries must be between 2k and 15k words long.

There will be no M rated stories allowed.

The villains and princesses must be within the series' canon, so no OC's.

All entries must be new. As in they must have been posted to the site on August 1st or later.

Very similar to the contest we ran earlier in the year there are several nice prizes being offered for the winners for this great prompt! Take a look:

1st Place
$150 via Paypal

2nd Place
$50 via Paypal

3rd Place
$15 via Paypal

If you participated in the "A Two-Faced Charade" Contest from March then you'll be familiar with how this contest will run. Every story will receive a review from a judge, and the top three stories will get reviewed by every judge as well as getting a blog post on the judges accounts to promote the best rated stories.


These are the people who will be reading, reviewing, and judging the stories you cook up! There are more of us during this contest compared to the last one hosted by Famous which means even more opinions from various writers with varying writing skills and experience! If you have questions or concerns please seek one of us out and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Last thing to talk about is the deadline:


Contest is ending on good ol' Famous' birthday. Once it is 12:00 AM on the 7th you are out of time!

If you'd like to read the original blog post from Famous it is right here!

As the next few days go by and I iron out a few more details with Famous I'll update this page or add appropriate forums!

Good luck, Never Stop Smiling, and have a good time.


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It’s gone? Oh, thx for warning me. I guess it hasn’t been approved yet Cos it’s my first post, maybe that’s why. I don’t reallt know how things work so didn’t know there was a folder or how to access it. That makes sense tho. Thanks again

I really hate how school and college apps prevent you from writing. Oh well. Guess I'm sitting this one out. Hope to see a good fic win. I'll be sure to publish what I would have submitted some time down the line though, once I actually have the time to sit down and write.

Wow a bit of a close call but I finally finished my contest entry. The first thing I’ve written. I don’t quite know how to enter the contest but I guess posting here is the way to do it. Soz if I’m wrong about that.


*cracks knuckles*

Let's. Get. Dangerous. :rainbowdetermined2:

This will be alot of fun. My first contest so we'll see how it goes. Writing is well under way.

Thanks! I actually have another story I’m writing called “Typhon the Traitor,” if you want to check out my writing style.

Thanks. I feel like I have a really good concept. I'm just hoping I don't botch the execution.

That’s awesome good luck!:pinkiehappy:

This is the first contest I've ever entered. Yay me! I just hope I don't utterly flop.

Just like your story will be :ajsmug:


To say Tidal is trash

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