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"I ended up donating 3 bucks to an autism awareness foundation because people like myself and Seven obviously need charity funded help" — FamousLastWords, 2019

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It's the Wendy's girl, but with an ahegao face.

Who's the girl in your avatar?

Wow,it is sound wonderful to me! I can't wait to know how your followers like my translation of your story.
Besides,there is a great new to you and me last month! My translation of "Ocellus some beer ,won't you"
has been successfully recommended on the Equestrian CN, which shows that your story is very interesting, and my translation ability has greatly improved!
Moreover, I contributed this article to the Chinese Brony Magazine Publishing House(http://academic.bronyhome.org/ ) , which was successfully selected the day before yesterday, and the book will be published soon.:pinkiehappy:

I just now saw this because my notifications are wonky. I'll make a blog about it tonight!

  • Viewing 1,122 - 1,126 of 1,126
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