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"Late night, come home. Work sucks! I know!"


She can't pay her taxes and her best friend is an ex convict who tried to destroy the fabric of time.

Trixie needs a fresh start.

There's gotta be worse places to start over than the fast food industry, right?

A collab with Seventh Heaven.
Proofread by MissyTheAngel

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Oh dear me... This is a riot.:rainbowlaugh: Poor poor Trixie...

... The first thing I thought when I came here is:
Why does Trixie have a subway stuffed in her mouth?

I wonder how accurate that judging will be...

... WAHAHAHAHAHA!!! This pile of **** is absolutely hilarious!

I'm gonna have to agree with Trixie on one thing. Flitter's clearly insane. And judging from this first day of work, everyone else is too.

Regarding the ending...


... :rainbowlaugh: x10

I'm so glad I saw your preview post for this story!

I totally forgot about the image, so seeing this in my feed made me choke on soda. Just... holy shit.

7198960 I bet you wish you were choking on a sub, and not that soda, huh?

“And just what is this stage in my life? I’m twice as old as you, you stupid dragon!”

“And I make one hundred and forty-three times your annual salary. Put the uniform on, lesser being.” Spike’s smirk only grew, and Trixie desired more than anything to wipe it off his face with a broom.



“I swear to the gods above, if this is just him getting revenge on me for that whole ‘making Ponyville into slaves’ thing, then I’m going to kill him.” Trixie’s fist shook in the air.


7198978 She grew a fist as a result of being near the toxic waste known as Fleur, obviously :trixieshiftright:

7198978 That mistake, though! Ahh, it was a long night. :fluttershyouch:

7199007 :pinkiegasp: that's so obvious! So sorry! I can be such a block head sometimes. :raritywink:

Reading this while working in the service industry makes me wanna quit.

7199026 You made zero dollars last night and that's still more money than Trixie has so far :P

I can totally imagine Spike the boss.

Aren't tampons are for marehoods only?

But if 2 bits an hour is '20% above minimum wage' and he pays Trixie a half a bit an hour, isn't he violating minimum wage laws?

That's why Flitter said "I thought they outlawed slave wages."

I'm honestly thinking Spike just said that to rile her up. Come the end of the two weeks, depending on her attitude, he'll probably pay her accordingly. At worst he pays her what he told her. Anything above, he actually pays her more than he said. Or he's just joking and will just pay her normally, and is doing this just to get at her mentally.

Oh I can tell I'm going to like this.

My brother, this is a riot! MOAR!

I... I have no words... I'm gonna favorite this. It's absolutely spectacular

7200298 Thanks a lot! Was there anything in particular you enjoyed or though that we should improve on? I'm always up for some criticism.

7199811 Thank you, brother! It was fun to write!

Anything you noticed that needs some fine-tuning?

7199765 Thanks man! I always appreciate your comments. :pinkiehappy:

But if you have minimum wage laws you didn't outlaw slave wages, quite the contrary.

7200302 Nope. I can't find anything wrong. Now go back and kills my sides!

7200301 I think the comedy shifted a little suddenly to kinda crackfic territory, and that can be a bit jarring. Not to say that it wasn't hilarious, I just wasn't prepared to hear Trixie talk about how hardcore Fleur's sh*t was.

7200320 You got it, bro! I totally need to write a chapter where Trixie tries calling in sick and Flitter answers the phone. That wouldn't end well.

7200321 That was actually based on a true story, as was most of what's been written so far. Our personal experiences in the food industry is what inspired this fic.

How long until Spike creates the first MegaCorp in Equestria , with him on top?

For Celestia´s sake Trixie, you are an unicorn! you can clean shit without even touching it. :ajbemused:

Trixie, um, doesn’t see anything on the floor to pick up,” she noted. “Not that I’d pick up after another pony, anyways!”
“You don’t have very many friends, do you?”
“My only two friends are an insane princess who sends the town into chaos on a weekly basis, and a villain who tried to destroy time itself. Yeah, ponies are just lining up to be my friend.”

:rainbowderp:...well, that is the first thing I've seen Trixie even called them friends, and second, those are some rather specific things to refer to Twilight and Starlight Glimmer, respectively...

...of course, I can be completely wrong. :facehoof:

7201222 in last week's episode she made friends with Starlight and kinda Twilight.

7201040 Thanks for the idea for next chapter.

Flitter: Uh, uh! Using your magic is considered unfair since not every worker here can! We want you to give it 110% every day, and that means working just as hard as everypony else! And remember, the customer is always right!

7198868 I could think of something else that could go in her mouth.


And by that, I mean some good old fruit roll ups.

Not since she had played on the Tiger R-Zone had her eyes been so violently assaulted

AVGN reference?

Trixie's little habit of trying to spin herself is interesting to see here. Though, considering the name, I do question whether no villain is, in fact, left behind.

Great start!

That "coming up with rhyming words for pooping and leaving" bit was sitcom-quality! :rainbowlaugh:

I like this already. Don't know why I like, Spike, having relationship's with, Twilight's "personal enemies/rivals", but I do!:moustache::facehoof:

“That, my friend, could be nothing other than the most feared occurence in all of the food industry." Flitter's eyes narrowed as she turned toward Trixie. "The shit and ditch.”
“You mean to tell me she excreted and retreated?” Trixie asked, stunned.
“She took a poop and flew the coop!” Flitter grinned a sort of unintentionally sadistic grin that scared Trixie more than any Ursa she ever faced. Or maybe it was intentional; Flitter had become an enigma despite getting used to her.


Author's Note:
Missy: Just so you know, we were not drunk or high in the making of this.
Seven: She’s a lying skank, I was drinking the entire time and I’m proud of it.
Famous: I can smell colors.


This was entertaining in that "Oh Gods I'm having flashbacks of my time at Wal-Mart" kind of way. Funny, but kinda horrifying at the same time.

“But mark my words, little dragon, soon I will be so far ahead in this fast food chain that you’ll be cleaning my private restroom for me!”

I wonder what other private things she wants to make Spike do for her...

I'm sure you're thinking this is probably going to be very good. It isn't.

Dude. It features Spike and Trixie not only existing in the same room, but directly interacting with one another. It's already one of the best fucking things I've ever read.

With the determination of post-9/11 airport security, she made her way towards the hellhole of a bathroom.

I'm sure this line is responsible for at least one of those three downvotes.

Ah, the infamous Toot and Scoot. I love the descriptions.

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