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Hey, I have this awesome new shipping idea! I call it... OctaScratch!


Twilight accidentally orders 55 gallons of anal lube and tries to find practical uses for it.

Collab with B_25

Editor: Sacrificial LambKestrel

Chapters (1)
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Just so you know, this was a one time deal, my friend. I feel the need to scourge myself and take many cold showers full of anti sceptic to cleanse my body and min of this monstrosity xD

I will not be editing anything like this again. Good day to you, sir!

6490929 First comment claiming first is worst comment.

6494515 First is worst, no doubt.

Alright, place your bets everyone. How long before this bland, unfunny and incoherent dreck gets featured?

6494543 Lol, if money is involved... Put me down for today, 7 o'clock, CT. Ima pop my rent money on this.

Wait wait wait, so 55 gallons of lube, and they didn't make the worlds longest slip an slide? Well, I'd say that deserves a downvote right there.

This will prove to be a slippery slope, no doubt :trollestia:


You slimy little sneak. Quit trying to butter Famous up.


Seriously, you think you're slick...

Someone stop me. I'm just sliding further and further.


tongue pun in the fart box

55 gallons of lube on the, 55 gallons of lube on the wall. take one down and pass it around, 54 gallons of lube on the wall.

i am horrible i know

This is beautiful. The pony fic to top all pony fics. <3


Stupid Prime Day…

Applejack said. She dipped her hoof on the surface of the liquid, and placed it on her tongue. She played around with it in her mouth and swallowed.


Just about shit myself laughing. Well done!

6495445 Thank you, sir. Its not a style I'm used to writing, so I appreciate the feedback.

Yeah... what DunkelWars 'said'. :pinkiesick:

Tiny typo:

filling with the bucket with it’s albino liquid.


This core story idea was on my list of story ideas.

I'm glad someone else wrote this so I don't have to.

Well, assuming it is at all close to my idea.

Time to read.

Good thing it wasn't 100 gallons of Dragon semen.

*Sees the title*

That was funny and more enjoyable then I thought it would be, but than again, coming from you I shouldn't be surprised.

Great job! Great choices, Spike, and have fun!:moustache:

i literally have no clue why i kept reading this story and i'm okay with that

"Dear Princess Celestia,
Today I learned that I'm into mares, that I enjoy enemas, and that I have an inflation fetish.
I also learned that anal lube is a VERY good approximation of stallion cum in appearance and texture, but without the bitter flavor!

Your full, bulging bellied student,
Twilight Sparkle."

*Years later*

:ajsmug: "Big Mac! If we get another messed up order from those idiots at the shipping company, DEMAND it be sent back!"
:eeyup: "Eeyup. Wouldn't want another Ponyville Orgy incedent on our hooves."
:ajsmug: "I swear, sugarcube. Some of the cobblestones STILL have lube soaked into the surfaces. It's a nightmare during the stormy season!"

Before I noticed that this story was written awhile back, I thought it was new from the title based on this video lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBlIqUv9k4s

How is it I never found out about this story before?

6494777 54 gallons of lube on the wall, 54 for gallons of lube. Take one down. Pass it around. 53 gallons of lube on the wall. :trollestia:

Yes, yes you are

Words escape me. I thought i had them locked up securely and then they up and escaped me.

Most excellent.

Not even halfway through and I knew this was going to be worthy of my Favorite

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