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I made this group because I didn't find any other groups that focused solely on platonic friendships so I decided to make my own. Just to be clear I have nothing against romance I just wanted a place where fics that featured friendship could be placed in an organized manner. Here are the rules of this group:
1) No romance the story should focus on the friendship between 2 or more characters there can be romance or couples in the story but they should not be the focus.
2) No Clopfics for obvious reasons that is not to say the story can not contain clop but again it must not be the focus of the story.
3) Please place your stories in the appropriate folder if you have suggestions for a new folder place it in the suggestions blog.
4) follow the site rules namely be respectful of the other members any and all inappropriate or disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated and the user committing the actions will be blocked for a period of time.
The suggestion blog will be open to any who feel they need to suggest new folders or general comments and questions about the group.

Please Enjoy yourself and the stories of the many talented authors featured in this gruop

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*Random hugs*


You spelled "friends" wrong in the group name. Oddly enough, you spelled it correctly when you used the word "friendship" in the description.

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