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(Group Under Contruction!)

Welcome to the AppleFamily Library homepage! This group features stories that include any member of the Apple Family, any of the farms as a main set, or anything else Apple! So please, join, make new friends, write great Apple stories, and read some awesome stories!


Here are a list of main rules, so be sure to follow them and join a happy and fun community! (If you have any questions regarding the rules, or anything in general feel free to PM me about it! Note: There is a banning system. For every time you break a rule, you will receive a warning point. After 5 warning points, you will be banned from the group.

1. Be Respectful
Please do not I repeat, do not be mean, or mistreat other users for no reason what so ever, and even if there is a reason. If you are seen commenting swearing, or using inappropriate language on anything that has to do with this group, you are officially breaking this rule.
2. No Spamming
Don't repeat sending things in such as threads, comments, or PM's to admins again and again. I'm sure almost everyone has seen spam, and knows how annoying it is. So please, no spamming. This also includes threads just saying hi.
3. Relevance
All threads, stories, and other posts must have some relevance to the Apple Family, or the stories posted in the group.

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