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I'm Celestia and Luna's personal bard. Nature is my God, Art is my Religion, Love is the Law.

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A Poem From Venerable Old Sappho · 3:30pm Yesterday

Someone was having a bad day.

Say what you like about Charaxos,

that’s a fellow with a fat-bellied ship

always in some port or other.

What does Zeus care, or the rest of his gang?

Now you’d like me on my knees,

crying out to Hera, “Blah, blah, blah,

bring him home safe and free of warts,”

or blubbering, “Wah, wah, wah, thank you,

thank you, for curing my liver condition.”

Good grief, gods do what they like.

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Thank you for adding my fic to your library :yay:

I just said I deleted the post since I couldn't work the inconsistency into Seasons so I have to remove it from the upcoming chapter.


Tried to read a reply you posted, but the thread was deleted.

the mane six could use different impliments too depending in their tastes.

  • Viewing 156 - 160 of 160
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