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Young, Clueless, a dragon with hunger for a hoard of knowledge but my hoard is to be spread with friends, families and more.


Birthday Yay? Updates and More · 11:26pm Sep 30th, 2023

So Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 31. :unsuresweetie: Yeah, nothing too exciting.
But anyways, it wasn't worth celebrating for because yesterday it was my Grandma's viewing, with her death being the week before. I wasn't able to fully attent the whole thing and it disturbed me. Nonetheless, I said my good byes and moved on. It was a crappy way to handle my birthday but beggars can't be choosers and life goes on.

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Thanks for the favorite on The Strength Of Our Bond! I really appreciate it.

Thanks for favoring Spike's New Adventure!

Hey bro, I haven't read a story on this site in over a year, but your story The Dragon Lord's Consort is really looking good! Thanks for drawing me back into reading on the site!

Thank you for adding my newest one-shot to your favorites,

Thanks for favoring Spike's Kingdom.

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