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Welcome to F/F ships! We are fans of various femmeslash pairings, and we welcome any and all girl on girl pairings.


1. You must like at least one femmeslash pair.
2. Mature fics are allowed.
3. You must be able to tolerate alternate ships. Don't have to like them, but be able to handle seeing them in the group.
4. Please submit to the proper folder. Rules for that are below.
5. Shipping wars are not tolerated. Show respect.
6. Fanfics must have a proper rating.
7. Colt/Colt and Colt/Filly shippings are only allowed as long as there's a focused female/female pairing.
8. Feel free to ask questions if you don't understand something.


Featured - Only the contributor can add here. Until there are more members, featured fics will be my personal favorites. When there are enough members, voting will be allowed for which fic gets featured!

Various Shippings - Folders with the name of one pairing. Fanfics with that one pairing as the focused one will be allowed.

Shippings Without a Folder - Any shippings that don't have a folder of their own. Must be focused on one pairing.

Friendship - Non-romantic fics about friendships between two females.

Threesomes and Multi-Shipping - Fanfics with the main focus on more than one female/female ship. If there is only one femmeslash pair through multi-ships, it does not count. Threesomes must have at least two fillies and one female/female ship.

Solo Female - Fanfics centered around one female character. Most likely non-romantic.

OC x Canon - Shippings of a female character and a female original character.


I am known by the name of XxShy-and-TimidxX on here. I actually joined this group as a member and I'm not the original creator. Since I have noticed I now own the group, I decided to reorganize. My personal OTPs are two mane six shippings: Twilight/Rainbow and Rarity/Fluttershy. Other shippings I happen to really like are Twilight/Luna, Pinkie Pie/AppleBloom, Lyra/BonBon, and Octavia/Vinyl Scratch. There are female shippings I don't like, but that isn't important in this group. You are free to post any couple as long as it follows the guidelines. I hope those that have joined enjoy this group and are okay with my organizing style.

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please add Twilight x Sunset

would a ranmaxtwilight ship count, sine ranma's half girl?

Yay! I actually have a story called The Shadow Queen, and up from season 3 will be in this! :yay::rainbowdetermined2:

Comment posted by Autum Breeze deleted Aug 4th, 2016

Hmmm... I've written three stories like this... Possibly more to come....

I really should have joined this group sooner, well better late than never I suppose. XD
I mainly work in lesbian horse stories, so I really like this group.

My favorite pairing is everything female.

My favorite femslash pairing at the moment is Sunset Shimmer x Twilight Sparkle. :3
Curse you, Rainbow Rocks, for making me ship a pairing that I originally did not want to ship! xD


I am not sure how this happened, but my straight story daisy-chain-2-round-1-rarity-time-turner somehow ended up on this group. As I seem to be unable to remove it myself, hopefully this will get the attention of one of the moderators for this group.

My apologies for the inconvience.
(I do love this group, but the story shouldn't be here. ^^)

i think i just found heaven

I want to laugh at the lack of a PinkiePiexApplebloom fic :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

It seems the 'Featured' folder has been eaten by a black hole. :derpytongue2:

I looked through the folders and noticed one missing. Where is "TwilightxChrysalis"?

Heehee! This is perfect for me~!

There are so many stories missing here, There's 1 good fic of Rarity/Celestia and Rarity/Luna. There are some good Fluttershy/Derpy. Where is solace in silence(Pinkie/OC). If only i could add them here.

Comment posted by LDSocrates deleted Jun 4th, 2013

You must like at least one femmeslash pair.

HA. I'm more than applicable for this group. :pinkiecrazy:

Hey is there a other's ship folder, for like uncommon parring's?

Hey im looking for an evil twin, someone to take my sweet and innocent stories and clop the hell outta them if your interested PM me

ImJustAnotherBrony is being difficult again. Annoying as he may be, he writes good stuff, so I guess we can put up with some of his crazy artiste craziness. His latest antic is here, An update to his awesome story, Like Music.... Except it's not actually an update. It's only 34 words, and is either a plea for attention, or his looking for an excuse to can this, and write easy, bland clop. If the latter, Don't let him! Post a comment. If the former, I suppose we might as well indulge him, so post a comment.

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