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Happy Holidays! · 12:43pm Dec 24th, 2017

Wishing everyone here on FimFiction a magical holiday.:heart: :yay:

Thanks everyone for an amazing year of some fantastic ponywords :scootangel:

Looking forward to a year of more awesome ponywords :raritywink:

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2019186 HeYoo and welcome to one of the most desolate places on this site

Thank you very much for the watch! :twilightsmile: I hope you can enjoy my projects! Cheers and cheese for you! :yay: Stay awesome! :moustache:

1575571 well, give credit to the one who commissioned it too, and I do too, it is so raw with feels! I didn't know I could do feels but I guess I can

I cried :fluttercry:
it was such a beautiful story

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