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The Necromancer's Ambition Audio Book Progress · 7:18pm Nov 20th, 2016

Hi, everyone,
Some of you may recall that Loyalty was doing an audio book for The Necromancer's Ambition. There's been a lot of progress, with a significant chunk of the lines already recorded. However, there are still a few roles yet unfilled. We still need people for Blaze, Prideful Policy and Ivory.

If you're interested in giving voice to a major character, the contact information can still be found here.

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Wanted to give you kudos here on TNA and it's follow up! These are some fantastic reads!

Hehe, yeah, I didn't bother to port over most of those old Writer's Group fics. I miiiight have even forgotten this one existed until you brought it back up. >.>

Anyway, thanks for reviewing it and sorry for unintentionally misleading you. <.<

Author Interviewer

I don't think you ever ported it over to Fimfic, but I just wanted to let you know I reviewed your old story Passions. :B

Oh, cool. My other accounts kind of hold that back, though. At least I know some parts will be easy now.

1248345 You can actually change your username on FiMF at will, without creating a new account. :raritywink:

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