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My Theme Songs

♫ Fade, that guy that's the creepy fucker, ♫
♫ Sometimes, he seems to be a literal motherfucker, ♫
♫ He also seems like a bit of a sucker. ♫
♫ He's almost like the guy from SAW, ♫
♫ Probably got one of those reverse bear jaws, ♫
♫ Half of his fetishes are even against the law. ♫

♫ But he's a fine fellow, ♫
♫ despite his dick's in jell-o ♫
♫ but at least he's mellow ♫

Courtesy of Dragon-meat


Fade, into the nothingness
Disappear into the wilderness
Fade away into darkness
Fading into emptiness
Fade, blurred and distorted
Dreams and hopes all aborted
Nightmares gather; twisted, contorted
Fade away, fade away
Fade, from day to night
Bring in the dark, forsake the light
Disperse the stars shining bright
Fade away, fade away

Courtesy of UniqueSKD

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Can't even believe you're still active on this site, nerd.


i am your penis

Sneak attack!


Thanks for the follow. :heart:

Thanks for the watch. :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 4,711 - 4,715 of 4,715
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