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>>2429767 It's my pleasure :twilightsmile: And if you ever need someone to chat to I'm here. I'm always willing to listen

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>>2429503 Hey there, Scoot. Sorry about the other day. Negative Unique was talking through me, it seems. You are right though; if I have that many subs, I cant be doing too bad.

Um, I don't know if this'll mean anything to you or whatever but I've given you a Follow for putting up with my crap the other day. Sorry again about that.

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>>2429487 it's fine fam.

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>>2429502 Untrue. You don't get 569 followers for being crap

#1,279 · 1w, 3d ago · · ·

>>2429501 They read my crap because they're waiting for the next chapters of other much better written crap to be published.

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  • Wednesday
    Equestria's Best Auntie and her favorite little niece.

    14 comments · 52 views
  • 1w, 3d
    Another poor comic reading by Yours Truly. Actually it was by me.

    Believe it or not, I'm not ashamed of this one.

    Although next time I think I really ought to find people to do the female voices or something. Because a British 26 year old male trying to do a feminine voice is NOT exactly a kosher combination, folks.

    0 comments · 6 views
  • 1w, 3d
    Hello everyone. I'm back from being banned.

    Most of you probably didn't even notice I got banned, did you? Well, it's alright. Because during the 24 hours I was gone I was laughing at that countdown timer all the while. BaroqueNexus will confirm this fact. XD

    So anyway, since there's no point in trying to lend a helping hoof to people who aren't aware of new episode releases, by the order of Sir Knightly, you're all just going to have to get your own episodes I'm afraid, you horrible buggers. XD

    Shame really. Because episodes 2, 3, 4 and 5 were spectacular. Especially episode 4. But since I can't put links up, I'm afraid you'll just have to wait for that one. Sorry. Knightly's orders.

    But seriously, that episode is really good, and there;s this one part with Fluttershy where blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah and it's brilliant.

    But anyways, I'm back now, so...I dunno. I'll go comment on other people's stories, I guess.

    9 comments · 61 views
  • 1w, 4d

    Inspired by a joke between me and a friend of mine about the game. You wouldn't understand it's way too complicated for you guys and gals. Maybe.

    2 comments · 14 views
  • 1w, 5d
    First Episode of Season 7 link right here folks.

    Staff edit: No unofficial episode uploads permitted.

    And you will NOT be disappointed. This is a very sweet episode, and it's going to give all you Changeling lovers a bunch of new ideas for your fanfics, trust me!

    Also, eat your words Cloperella! I called it! Twilight WAS having a fantasy moment about Starlight's path if she sent her away! Called it! Subscribe to me!

    3 comments · 46 views