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Friendship is like peeing on yourself: everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling that it brings.

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No. 10 Anonymous Pegasus No. 9 JaydexTheShadowKnight No. 8 FlimFlamBros No. 7 RaijingtheClockworkPony No. 6 Starman Ghost No. 5 A Dark Reminder No. 4 Phoenix_Dragon No. 3 firefeng No. 2 Nrdygrl No. 1 Cold Spike And there you have it the best of the best they all are awesome so awesome that they make Rainbow Dash look less awesome! Wait is that possible? No yes maybe? :rainbowhuh:


Damn · 12:17pm Apr 5th, 2015

Life after my grandpa passing pretty much summed up like this

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I made a group please join thank you!

CeleMac! Celestia and Big mac shipping group! Yea I know am sexy. I just love a creepy smile! My name is Tyler or u can call me Ty I don't really care. I love Luna but I have a secret crush on Celestia as well. I have a thing for chicks with shinning hair. I will never write but I will read your story if it is good enough. I won't cut slack if I fav your story and then it goes to the dumps I will dump the story. If it good I will let you know if it great i will praise all mighty for yea if it sucks I will not read it.That's it about that!Now to the good stuff. Hey don't stare at my banana!

Did you know Albert Einstein piloted his sailboat on windless days "for the challenge"?

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Thanks for adding "Shattering a Heart of Darkness" to your favorites!

Thank you very much for the fav on my story, titled The Changeling That Bugged My Heart. :twilightsmile:

1851387 They gotta be chocolate chip too!

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