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My preeeeccioussss-es :D


YAY · 3:09am Jan 8th, 2014

I'm finally done with my precious! :D Fluttershy yay! Read the final chapter and Epilogue now! Seeya l8tr my bronies! wuvs!

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You made one of the best PMVs on YouTube. Thank you for that.

Will u keep writing?

Edit: 2014-2021
How time has flown... one of the first stories I read here... can’t believe you left back in 2015... hope your life went well

RIP: Nrdygirl

Remember me? From Fanfiction.Net? :twilightsmile:


Works every time.:raritystarry: :applejackconfused:

*Looked in to eye's* kind of want to read these fanfics now

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