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A Dark Reminder

"Good and evil are utterly meaningless terms that vary from society to society." ~Yahtzee Croshaw

My Favorite Songs From My Favorite Bands

Road to Redemption

Thunder and Lightning
In Charge of the Scythe

Serenity In Murder
Noticed This Is the Betrayal

Far Beyond
A Frozen Flame of Ice

D Creation

Æther Realm
The Sun, the Moon, the Star

Legacy of the Fallen


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A big thanks for adding When a changeling gets a bright idea to a bookshelf of yours, my dear, may you enjoy the chapters to come!

Don't thank me 'til it comes out.

Yeah; next chapter will be released in the summer.

Any updates on Fragment?

It was interesting, but quite short.

2006971 Just by-the-by, what are your thoughts about it?

Thanks for liking "What Am I?"!

  • Viewing 869 - 878 of 878
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