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Hello, everybody, and welcome to the group for the best filly, Scootaloo! Please be respectful, obey the rules, and have a good time!

Featured Story

Tags: Adventure,Drama,Thriller

Anything can fly with enough force behind it, even Scootaloo. An adult and still flightless, Scootaloo poured everything into a jet powered suit to get her into the air. But, with her debts mounting and the Hearth's Warming Derby organisers frantically updating the rules to stop her ever racing again, she has to fly faster than ever before if she wants to keep her wings.

Featured Story #2

Tags: Slice of Life

Dreams are such delicate things, and Scootaloo’s are more fragile than most.
But in Equestria, dreams are protected. Sometimes a filly just needs a helping hoof to learn how to hope again.

3/17/16: Continuing Hall of Fame updates.
3/12/13: We have a Steam group! If you want to talk to everyone in a Scootaloo-based chat environment, head on over.


So, you've just come to this group with your new masterpiece involving Scootaloo, you are ready to submit it, and... there are all these folders here. Where in the world should you put your story?
Well, here is where you go to find out what every folder in this group is for, so that you can put it in the right places without difficulty.
However, if you still aren't sure after reading this, just stick your fanfic in the "Unsorted" folder, and we'll work it out. For that matter, if you see a fanfic in the Unsorted folder, and think you know where it goes, feel free to sort it into the right folders yourself. We appreciate the help.

Here are the categories. Unless the story is clop or involves "scootabuse" (see below), Go ahead and add it to all the ones that apply.

"Tag" Folders

Adventure - Fanfics with the Adventure tag.
Tragedy/Sad - Fanfics with Tragedy or Sad tags. May be redundant.
Romance - Fanfics with the Romance tag.
Slice of Life - Fanfics with the Slice of Life tag.
Dark - Fanfics with the Dark tag.
Comedy - Fanfics with the Comedy tag.

Scootaloo-Themed Folders

Adoption - Scootaloo turns out to be an orphan, homeless or otherwise, and gets adopted.
Taking Flight - Scootaloo learns to fly, gets some sort of flying lessons, or goes to flight camp.
Grounded - Scootaloo displays about as much flying ability as a penguin, and will never, in fact, will be capable of flight.
Special Talents - Scootaloo shows off what a talented young filly she is. This includes dancing, wicked moves on her scooter, and getting her cutie mark. Talented with sex does not count for this category.
Cutie Mark Crusaders - Fanfics where the Cutie Mark Crusaders play a large role.
Big Sister/Mentor - An older pony, often Rainbow Dash, acts as Scootaloo's mentor or big sister figure.
Hurt/Comfort - All sorts of bad things happen to Scootaloo. Then another character comforts her, and everything gets better. See TvTropes, among other places.
As Time Goes By - Anything set at least a few years in the future. Adult Scootaloo, mostly.
Featured - Don't worry about this folder. This is for featured fanfics, when we have some, and can only be added to by admins.

Now for clop. In this area, the rules are slightly different. You only actually want to put clopfics in one of the following three categories. The last isn't just for clop, but some clop is covered in it. Also, anything that goes in the Scootabuse folder doesn't belong anywhere else. Most clopfics won't really go in the other folders, anyways, though a few might occasionally apply.

Clop (General) - Clop that isn't covered by either Clop (foal x adult) or Scootabuse.
Clop (foal x adult) - This obviously covers clop involving a foal and an adult.
Scootabuse - Scootaloo gets raped, tortured, or abused. It never gets better, and the author shows no sympathy towards Scootaloo whatsoever.

NOTE: This is a little bit of a given, but if your fanfic does not, in fact, involve Scootaloo -- even if it has an OC that is just like her -- it will get removed from this group. You have been warned. :scootangel:
arcum42 and DJ GarV

Note to Admins: The "Main" folder has recently become a second unsorted folder, so it would be much appreciated if that situation could be taken care of.


The Scootaloo forum is a place to . . . talk.
You know, because that's what you're supposed to do.
If you want to talk about something, have an opinion heard, ask a question, etc, feel free to make a thread about it; especially anything that may come up in our "Scootaloo Discussion" thread. And make sure to keep your thread notifications ON; there may be important announcements in the future. Any announcement or official thread will be pinned to the top of the Forum and will say "(Official)" on it.

Here are a few official threads for you to check out:

Admin Discussion: That place for all the admins to talk. Don't step in here, commoners.
The Best Stories — Featured: This is the thread for any story that has been featured on the front of our page. All these stories are in our "The Best Stories" folder.
The Best Stories Nomination Thread: This is the place where you nominate stories you think other Scootaloo readers should see. Beware: only the best of the best will make it out victorious.
Contest Rules: For any and all upcoming contests, there are a set of rules. Check them out before participating.
Random General Discussion Thread: That thread where you can talk about anything.
Random Scootaloo Discussion Thread: That thread where you can talk about anything involving Scootaloo.
Scootaloo Pictures!: All Scootaloo pictures! Look at the other art that has been posted (while saying DAWWWW) and post your own!

To be announced.

SweetAI Belle -- Head Filly, PR, and Lead Admin
arcum42 -- Former Lead Admin (still active)
RaylanKrios-Hall of Fame Gate Keeper
scootaloo96 -- Head of Discord server
DJ GarV -- Semi-Retired

Retired Admins:
Elric of Melnipony
temerarii pulsat
TheFineBrony -- Admin of Steam Group
MagicalBrownie -- Founder

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As an engineer, I've found myself drawn to Scootaloo - as both a pony with mechanical skills of her own and one who could stand to benefit from mechanical engineering.

@friendship is magic don't worry I just learned too, so press your name at the top of your screen and go to press edit avatar, in the corner of it, if u scroll down, there is a few things you can press but just press, stories. And when you go to that page, it will sy create a new story I hope I helped as best I could. >>friendship is magic #friendship is magic

I just posted a story about Scootaloo.
Depending on what categories are added and how the story develops, I may consider placing her in more folders as applies.
Noth Random and AU are currently missing, I noticed.

"im so fresh you can suck my nuts!" *realizes she doesn't have nuts*

Its funny how the expressions get worse as the list goes down.

Wanderer D

You're missing a 'Random' tag folder! :pinkiecrazy:

If you like Scootaloo and Derpy, please give my fic a read. It's only three chapters in so far, and they're pretty short, but I'd love to hear what you think. I haven't seen many Derpy/Scootaloo stories around here, which I thought was a shame since they're my two fave characters. So decided to write one! :derpytongue2:

i need someone to make a fan art of scootaloo in cod ghosts and i also need a story beta reader :scootangel:

355680 No. Rethkir said I should but I haven't had the time.

355682 No, in the story she is the first shadowbolt captain and founder of the New Lunar Republic.

Is Scootaloo a changeling in said fic? Because otherwise I'm not sure why you're replying to my post.

Do you want to checkout my story "Ace Combat: Divided Feelings"?

340852 k agree witb you freindship

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