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Engaging in group necromancy · 8:17am July 8th

As it happens, one of the groups I'm an admin in is a general discussion group that hasn't had a post in a year. I was looking at it and of the admin list, there was only one other admin left, LyraAlluse.

I've decided that it's kinda sad to let a group just sit there with almost 200 people in it and no discussion, though, so I'm renovating it, and promoting discussion. Any discussion.

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I used to live in a cramped little apartment, and when I moved, I was feeling like I could afford a little more and moved someplace technically larger then I needed, so I do have some space.

As such, I have 1 extra room that's kinda an office/library. It's supposed to be a bedroom.

In that room, I have a fold up table with an extra computer on it. I basically have upgraded my computer enough times that I had enough pieces lying around to almost make a computer, so I just bought a missing piece or two and put it together. It's not very good, but given that all it took to make was a power supply and maybe a mouse...

I also have a wall with a 4x3 rectangle of wire cubes. All of those are filled with books. There are two wire things that you can wheel around, one with 4 shelves and one with three, all with paperback books in them. And there are a couple large plastic boxes in the closet with books in them, and a bunch of books stacked up on the shelf in the closet. There's also a shelf in another closet in a different room with books, dice, and games.

So it's kinda a library, though not a very spooky one. If you're noticing a trend in my furniture, it's sorta all stuff that I could carry out of a store onto a bus and finish assembling at home...

--Sweetie Belle


My 'library' is mostly just 3 book shelves. I don't have room for any more, so that kind of limits the number of physical books I can have. Maybe some day when I get a bigger house or when VR libraries become a thing.

I have a buncha books, but my library's not exactly spooky, I'm afraid. And the trouble is I usually end up getting new books electronically, and a computer's not inherently that spooky.

I'd really like a library like the one in Unseen University, of course. Mind you, all libraries are supposed to be connected by L-space anyways.

I suppose where I live isn't that spooky. I have an elephant god statue or two around, but he seemed pretty friendly.


--Sweetie Belle


Mostly I'd just like the library to be spooky, though I'd probably have a large section dedicated to spooky books.

I already have a spooky shelf, complete with one of those skulls with a candle on top of it. I suppose that's the best I can do for now.

Does the library itself need to be spooky, or is it more the subject matter of the books in the library?


--Sweetie Belle

  • Viewing 427 - 431 of 431
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