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Why does life always have to be so ironic?

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Engaging in group necromancy · 8:17am July 8th

As it happens, one of the groups I'm an admin in is a general discussion group that hasn't had a post in a year. I was looking at it and of the admin list, there was only one other admin left, LyraAlluse.

I've decided that it's kinda sad to let a group just sit there with almost 200 people in it and no discussion, though, so I'm renovating it, and promoting discussion. Any discussion.

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Why do you love Sweetie Belle so much? Curious question.


Me tooooo!

I guess maybe they need to change some stuff for the console versions of the game. I'm fine with waiting a little while, but hopefully it will still be free when it does come out.

Oh, that's a shame. I would've thought they'd come out at the same time.

--Sweetie Belle


I don't think it comes out of PS4 today. Just PC for now. Actually, can't find when it comes out on PS4 anywhere.

Got it!

Haven't played it, but I got it.

--Sweetie Belle

  • Viewing 445 - 449 of 449
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