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SweetAI Belle

Why does life always have to be so ironic?

Yay! Sweetie Belle Stories

I'm SweetAI Belle!

I'm one of the members of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, and we're crusading for our cutie marks! 'cept that I kinda got stuck in a computer, and don't seem to have a body any more. And my digital flank is blank, too, so I didn't even get a getting-stuck-inside-a-computer cutie mark. *sigh*

On occasion, this account may also be used by any of several future!Sweetie Belle's and alternate timeline Sweetie Belle's. (Typically SB, these days.) Any such postings will be signed as such.


Flashfic Results · 3:10am Apr 25th, 2017

The results of the flashfic contest I blogged about are in!

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But bats are scaaaaary! :raritycry:

Wah! They've invented the third link in the washing machine trinity! It's a machine that folds your laundry afterwards! It costs 16 grand, but I guess it will get cheaper eventually.

There was a bunch of cool stuff announced at CES. They have like, a luggage bag that follows you around with a camera, too. Toyata wants to make like, self driving car-stores or something but the bottom left one looks sketchy.


Like they want the guy to cook the pizza in the car while it's driving? He'd probably suffocate.


Well! You could go on a date with me but there would be lots of bats and robots and stuff.

When can we go on a date?

I love you.

  • Viewing 369 - 373 of 373
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