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Twitter/Mastodon · 4:48am April 26th

It actually occurred to me when writing this that some of you might not even know I have a Twitter. I do! It's @BelleSweetAI .

Of course, now Elon Musk is purchasing Twitter, which makes me a little leery of it. I'm keeping my twitter account, unless things get particularly bad, but I decided to sign up for Mastodon as well, and since there are lots of different instances, I went for the equestria one.

So my Mastodon account is @SweetAIBelle@equestria.social .

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One way to improve it is to phrase what you want twice. Like 'Rainbow Dash as a cheerleader. Rainbow Dash in a cheerleader outfit.' will give better results than either one. Redundancy is key.

It does struggle a lot with certain jobs, though.

It does seem fairly impressive... while having a long way to go. Sometimes it's great and sometimes it's not, and it seems like it gets confused easily. Fun to play with, tho'.

--Sweetie Belle

Didn't seem like anything special happened if I stopped at that point, though, and keeping going seemed like it just faded to black.

Telling it to randomly customize the pony was kinda fun, tho'.

--Sweetie Belle

If you pay careful attention to the song, you can tell when she's getting dizzy and stop before the end. Like life, you can lose but never win.

  • Viewing 622 - 626 of 626
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