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Yay! Sweetie Belle Stories


Bronze Sponsorship · 12:43am May 3rd

Well, there goes my bronze sponsorship of fimfiction.

It wasn't actually intentional. I forgot to update my credit card information, and didn't realize until I noticed an ad on the page.

I could just go and update it, but now that it's actually cancelled, I should probably think about whether I want to just leave it that way or not. I could use the extra money.

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Forgot, but I had actually seen that one. We need more unicorn robots.


--Sweetie Belle

Speaking of Sweetie Bot, your winning art has just been published:

TSweetie Bot annoys Sunny
A century has passed, but the immortal Sunny Starscout still fights for harmony.
Bad Dragon · 3.6k words  ·  16  7 · 229 views

Thought that you would like to see this

Recently it turned out your father sister got drunk and Rarity was impregnated by him and you Sweetie are the child.

Sweetie bell.

Rarity found your secret stash of

*wish words into ear* body pillows and spike fan club

  • Viewing 659 - 663 of 663
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