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Why does life always have to be so ironic?

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Amateur Artists Unite! · 4:39am October 10th

I just became admin of another group. This one is called "Amateur Artists Unite!". It's got 383 members, but I'm not sure how many are active.

I'm likely going to be making a bunch of changes. I've mostly started doing a few new sticky threads and cleaning things up.

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Thanks for adding my fic to your reading pile! :pinkiehappy:

That actually would take HapHazred. Besides Verbose Mode, he's the only one with admin rights on the Art for Fanfiction group. I don't have admin access there, I just posted my comment and left a message on Hap's user page to make sure he saw it. :unsuresweetie:

--Sweetie Belle


Sweet prancing punicas, your ability to source timely and relevant lemon-related pony content is both a blessing upon me and a curse upon mankind.

A highly appreciated one, at that.

It's good to see the old crew again. In fact, there's still so many people kicking around from the glory days that I'm surprised and heartwarmed in equal measure. :raritywink:

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