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Misty is my favorite MLP pony period, I like her more than any of the G4 ponies and more than any of the other G5 ponies. I fully intend on writing a lot of her character whenever I have the time for it. Misty is best pony 💙

This is the group for any and all fics containing the unicorn Misty from G5!

Please keep NSFW stories out of the Main Folder and vice versa!

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Might want to update and mention she is now part of the new Mane 6 with Sunny and the group.

The groups name should be updated to her full name now

The more fics on this website the merrier! I love seeing new writers appear on this website!

Just do it! Who cares if it’s cringy, it’s a good excuse to write something and learn from it!

i wanna write a fic so bad but im so scared of being cringe lol----

Wow! First comment! Let's give poor Misty all the love we can!

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