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Remember that cute really strong little filly from "Crusaders of the Lost Mark"? This is a group dedicated to her, 'cause I figured she probably needed one. And this is pretty impressive, isn't it?

I wonder what kinda special talent a hedgehog is?

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Comment posted by Golden Fang Ryu Shenron deleted March 12th

So I know it's been a hot minute since we had a Lily Longsocks fic, and I know the origin of her strength has been done to death, but would anyone be interested in one more origin of Lily's strength where she uses her it as a vigilante for Ponyville and Canterlot? Sort of a Spiderman: Homecoming where Lily goes around looking for trouble to fix herself? I'm doing my best right now not to spoil anything, but I have something I kind of started. Just don't know if people want to read another Lily origins story.


That would be great if you could find them!

I'll look through my photos. I saved them somewhere. They probably put their name on it


Tumblr doesn't take down askblogs unless they involve minors in sexual situations. Do you know who the artist is? Even though it were only just two questions, I would like to try and retrieve them. And maybe convince him/her to continue this askblog.

I think it was actually called: Lily Longsocks (Strong filly). She got asked like two questions before it disappeared. It left off where she's looking for her baby photos and couldn't find any of herself. So she asks her Mom why that is. Then her mom has a shocked look on her face. It was really interesting. I don't know if I was flagged or the artist took it down.


There was a Tumblr for Lily? And the artist took it down again? Aww, what a bummer! :fluttershysad:
How was the askblog called exactly? And were the pages uploaded to Derpibooru?

I love this little filly! She's so adorable. Did anyone follow that tumblr of her before it got taken down?

I wonder what kinda special talent a hedgehog is?

This looks promising.

I wonder what kinda special talent a hedgehog is?

I have seen it suggested that her cutie mark is a reference to the concept of the hedgehog's dilemma.

403750 I personally think that it's Hasbro randomly slapping cutie marks on background ponies though it is more fun to guess.
Perhaps it's that she's good at defense like a hedgehog's spines?

:pinkiegasp: A group for hedgehog filly?
I am so in! :scootangel:

I wonder what kinda special talent a hedgehog is?

It's the power of knowing one big thing.

I wonder what kinda special talent a hedgehog is?

MY hedgehog gives me super strength!

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