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A group dedicated to the red-hot Cayenne, a unicorn who debuted in Canterlot Boutique, and officially credited as the "Fashionable Pony".

"Who, me~?"

~ The Rules ~

1: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Be excellent to each other!
2: All of FiMFiction's rules apply here. That means no personal attacks, no hate speeches, no roleplaying, etc.
3: Discussion is more than welcome, but don't spam the forums with redundant and unrelated threads.
4: This is not a NSFW group. As such, keep discussion of that kind of stuff to a minimum, and do not link NSFW pictures or other such content in this group. Clop stories are allowed to be placed in the appropriate folder, however.
5: Keep discussion related to Cayenne, please. As a new character with very little to work with, there's plenty that can be discussed in this regard, so strike the iron while it's hot. Share your ideas and headcanon about her!

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403009 I love it!

Does anyone else here love Cayenne's mane style?

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