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Nova Arc

Discovering colored cartoon ponies was one of the best times of my life... how many people get to say that? XD

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Name: Yeah Right
Age: Immortal XD
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Hey guys! Welcome to our humble page. Yes, "our". As you will see, I'm not the only one who answers messages on here. So, meet the crew!

>>Now with a Tumblr Ask Blog!!!<<

Dawning T. Forge

Dawn is an upbeat, happy-go-lucky, laugh-in-the-face-of-danger Kirin. He loves going out on adventures, meeting new people, and just having a good time. He doesn't like being in one spot for too long and has made a hobby out of going into the Everfree Forest and a fight club on the Manehattan outskirts, called the Cauldron, for the thrill of it. He is a master engineer and is able to build just about anything; from grappling hooks and prosthetics to generators and drones! Being half dragon, he possesses the ability to shape or "weave" his magic flames into various advanced spells. He is also a trickster, prank master, and master trapper, so never try to start a prank war with him! He can also hold his own in a fight against foes more than twice his size, as he had to deal with this in some of the cities he traveled too. He has hideouts in various locations, but mainly stays in the outskirts of Canterlot, although he does also live with his sisters, Blaze (older), a studying technomancer, and Star (younger), and, formerly, his mother, Eve Blitz, a traveling adventurer. He actually once tried breaking into Canterlot Castle. The outcome? ... Well, he's still here, ain't he?

Loli Beats

Her full name only known to a few, Loli is a cheerful Thestral with a love for all things music and Dawn's prank partner in crime. She is also and excellent hair stylist and is into all sorts of hairstyles, usually changing them every so often. However her signature is a set of twintails. Loli has a knack for speed and loves candy, strawberries, and other red foods (but she hates beets). She learned a trick from a great vampire on how to suck the color red from food, so as to not risk triggering her dormant vampiric urges, not that that's anything to worry about; she couldn't hurt a fly (note: she loves insects, especially ants and spiders)! As the self-proclaimed Queen of Halloween/Nightmare Night, expect to see her around a lot during October!

Roxanne Candy

Rox Candy is the daughter of some very powerful ponies on both sides of the law: her father, Cold Cut, is the wealthy owner of Gems on High, a company that cuts, stockpiles, and delivers gemstones to wealthy clients all over Equestria; her mother, Sugar Stone, owns a massive connection of mines; rock candy mines. Although lucrative enough, this only serves as a cover for her real position as one of Manehattan's top mob bosses, dealing in all sorts of business, from jewels to information, but nothing too dangerous or illegal. Roxy takes after her mother; despite having no issues with a life of comfort, she seeks the thrill of a life of her own! As such, she is part of an underground fight club on the outskirts of Manehattan called the Cauldron (her mother knows - and is so proud; her father doesn't have a clue... shhhhh) and is one of it's biggest attractions. Although she thinks her friends are completely insane, she'd rather run into a dragon's lair with them than sit at a desk, filling out paperwork.

Spark Plug

Sparky is cuteness incarnate and genius personified. By the time she could walk straight, she could solve her first calculus problem. By the time she could speak in half sentences, she could rewire a sound system to become a sound cannon. By the time she could hold a conversation with a university professor, her age mates could barely understand a how to use some of the words they saw in a dictionary (which she had read from start to finish, by the way). Simply put, Artemis Fowl ain't got nothing on her! Despite being incredibly gifted, Sparky has a knack for mischief. When she's not busy proving theorems or helping Dawn build the new city generator, she's helping Dawn get a prank in on the snobs of Canterlot (Their record: 132 pranks, 0 arrests; Dawn may not be the best influence on her, huh?). Despite her small size, Sparky is strong enough to spar with Roxy (although I'm pretty sure we can all see the outcome of that) and can very easily help lift the stage for her school plays. However, she is a sweet little filly with a smile that could melt a Frost Giants heart; there's proof!



Oh, come on!

No! I look ridiculous!

Sorry, guys. Atlas is being stubborn because I didn't get his apearance right. Guess you'll have to wait until this issue's been sorted. Until then, feel free to look around, ask questions, and just talk. We're all here if ya need anything.



Did Ya Miss Me?! · 5:17pm Sep 28th, 2019

Thought you could get rid of me that easily, huh? :pinkiecrazy:

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You have been gone one full year.......

NOVA!! please come ba-aa ack-k!! :raritydespair: Or at least give me a lead on another way I may contact you.

Come backkkkk!

Nova..... Where are you?

...The cure for a broken soul...sorry, haven't got one...let me know if you find one, 'cause my soul's broken into so many pieces that it probably looks like a fractal...I suppose it's the burden of those who care enough to listen to the lives of others, to be truly broken by this cruel world...

Hey, Nova Arc, quick question for you.

Which one of these bad guys do you think would be the worst to encounter in a dark alley?
- Dr. Octopus
- An Uruk-hai
- Bowser
- Zangief
- Xenomorph

Then, explain why you picked your bad guy of choice.

2406115 Aw, thank you! You are an amazing marshmallow yourself.:twilightsmile:

Hi! You is an awesome bean <3

Hey Nova.
I put Lolli Beats in my newest fic chapter.
Let me know what you think. :pinkiesmile::twilightsmile::raritywink:

2396250 You're very welcome.:twilightsmile:

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